How To Fix Kroger App Won’t Let Me Change Store

Are you facing the problem with the Kroger app? You are trying to change your store preferences but it doesn’t let you to do so. Then you are at the right place. 

You opened your app and found this problem. Isn’t it frustrating? This is absolutely a frustrating problem for users. It may be because you have disabled your location or the store which you are selecting doesn’t offer pickup.

This may be because of some common issues like technical glitch, connectivity issues etc. Are you curious to know more about it and want to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

In this guide, we will discuss what could be the possible reasons behind the Kroger app won’t let me change stores and how to fix the same.

kroger store change issue

What Causes Kroger App Won’t Let Me Change Store?

With super excitement you have downloaded the Kroger app but things are not going as you planned or thought. If you are looking for possible reasons behind this issue then here are these reasons. Just go through these reasons to know your answer.

  • If you have disabled your location then you may have this error because without location the app will now catch where you want to deliver your items.
  • Maybe the store which you are selecting does not offer pick up at your location.
  • If servers are down due to maintenance or update then you may face this problem.
  • Technical bugs or glitches arised from the developers side then probably you may face this issue in the Kroger app. 
  • Kroger needs stable internet connection to function smoothly because without stable internet connection the app is not able to grab data from its server. As a result, you may experience this problem.
  • When cache data is overcrowded, the performance of the app is negatively affected. Cache stores some data to improve performance but if your app is not letting you change stores then most probably cache data is overcrowded which is affecting the app’s performance.
  • If you are using the old and outdated version of the Kroger then probably this issue might arise. 

These could be the major reasons behind the Kroger app not letting you change stores. You can fix these reasons and correct this arising issue.

How To Fix Kroger App Won’t Let Me Change Store

1. Enable Location Of Your Device

You need to enable your device location for changing stores in the Kroger app. For the Kroger app to work correctly it needs to access your device’s location.

 This is very important because it enables the app to identify the stores located near you. 

Once you allow the app to access your location, it will display a list of stores that are near you. 

You can select your preferred store after enabling your location and the selected store will be your default store for all future orders.

Here are the steps to enable device location for the Kroger app:

  • Launch Settings of your device.
  • Search for location services > Location
  • Search for the Kroger app and check if location is enabled for it or not.
  • If it is not enabled then enable it.

You can also change your location of the Kroger app by following these steps:

Tap Home > Tap the pick up bar across bottom of the screen > tap change location.

2. Change Your Preferred Store

kroger store mode

You can change your preferred store in the Kroger app simply by following these steps:

Steps Change preferred store in Kroger app:

  • Open the app.
  • At the bottom where it says “Delivery to (My address) click on the up carrot ( looks like this : ^) in a blue dot.
  • Click on the “In store” choice and select the store.

3. Check Kroger App Server Status

The next thing you can do is to check the server status of the Kroger app. In case the server is going through an outage or the server is having maintenance, the Kroger app will not work properly.

You can wait and try after sometime when the server is back online.

Check the server status of the Kroger app by clicking here.

server status of Kroger app store issue

4. Update Kroger App To The Latest Version

To remove the issues and temporary bugs, update the Kroger app if you are using the old or outdated version. 

Here are the steps to the Kroger app on both iOS and Android devices.

For Android:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner to open the menu.
  • Select “My apps & games” from the menu.
  • The “Updates” tab will show you a list of all available updates for your installed apps.
  • Look for “Kroger” in the list and tap the “Update” button next to it to update the app.

For iPhone:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Tap on your profile picture icon in the top-right corner.
  • Scroll down to the “Available Updates” section.
  • If “Kroger” appears in the list, tap the “Update” button next to it to update the app.

In both cases, if the Kroger app does not appear in the update list, it means that the app is already up to date.

5. Clear Kroger App Cache

As you use the application, it starts storing files for reference later. These files are stored in the form of “cache”. Clearing cache fixes certain issues like loading, formatting issues etc. 

So, clear cache of the Kroger app to resolve your problem. 

Steps to Clear Kroger App Cache on Android:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ on your Android phone.
  • Go to the apps list that are installed on your phone. 
  • Find the “Kroger” app on the applications list and tap on it.
  • Then go to the “Storage” option.
  • Click “Clear Cache”.

Steps to Clear Kroger App Cache on iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • Tap on the Kroger app from the list.
  • Now click the “Offload App” button.

6. Contact Kroger Customer Support

After trying the above-mentioned fixes, if you are still facing any difficulty in resolving the issue of the Kroger app won’t let me change stores then you may contact The Kroger Support Team for the same by clicking here.

kroger app support team