It Seems Like UTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding

To download Torrent files on window, you need a Torrent client named BitTorrent or uTorrent.

uTorrent is a popular client that helps you to upload and download free torrent files like free application files with very flexible options.

However, users are broadly facing the issue while downloading torrent files.

If you are using the uTorrent client in windows 7 or 11, you might encounter a message saying :

“It seems like uTorrent is already running but not responding. Please close all uTorrent processes and try again.”

When you attempt to download a huge file, the message stops you from downloading it.

In this article, you will understand how to solve the error “ It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding” and its causes.

Let’s get started!

Why Does It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding Message Appear?

It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding

Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding message appears since the most common reason is Virus malware infection, changes in firewall or antivirus setting or something wrong with the application performance.

Let’s see the high possible explanation of why the error occurs

  1. By default, firewall settings block the torrent software and stop you from downloading the torrent file.
  2. Antivirus software might block the uTorrent client application from running
  3. Your system might be infected by any malware or virus program.
  4. You might be using the Incompatibility or Outdated version of the Software.
  5. You might have pressed the download option multiple times before the file starts downloading.

Here are the possible fixes to resolve the error.

How To Fix It Seems Like UTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding?

As already mentioned in error, there might be another uTorrent program running background.

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Or you might give multiple download requests since the program takes a long time to download the file. 

Many users reported that the uTorrent works well after deleting all download files and restarting the current download.

You can also try the above option to check if the error is gone.

Let’s see the most common fix to solve It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding error at your home.

1. First Close Then Restart Your UTorrent Again

According to the error message, there might be running another uTorrent program in the background.

To fix “It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running, But a Not Responding Message Appears” error, Open your Task manager and disable all the program related to the uTorrent application and end it. Wait a few seconds and refresh your system by clicking the refresh option.

Launch your uTorrent client application and try downloading the file again. If the error persists, then move towards the next step.

2.  Clear uTorrent Appdata

After ending the uTorrent application from the task manager, clear the uTorrent app data.

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run command.
  • Type %appdata% and click Ok
  • Find and locate the uTorrent folder 
  • Open on uTorrent folder and Select all 
  • Delete all files by pressing Shift+Delete to delete the data permanently.

Now move to restart your uTorrent file.

3. Check Your Administrative Privilege

The uTorrent client should have required permission to download files without any barriers.

It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not RespondingProperties

Right-click on Your uTorrent application and Go to properties.

From the compatibility section, under compatibility mode

Check the following option

  •  Run this program in compatibility and Select your OS version from the drop-down list
  • Run this program as an administrator
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Click on Apply and Select OK.

Now check your uTorrent Compatibility status.

4. Check Your uTorrent Compatibility Status

Though you have enabled the compatibility option from the properties window, you need to troubleshoot manually.

It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not RespondingPropertiesTROUBLESHOOT
  • Right-click on the uTorrent application
  • Select the option Troubleshooting program from the opened window
  • Check the required option from What problem do you notice? section and Click on Next to follow the onscreen instructions

The setting will automatically detect and fix any compatibility issue that prevents the uTorrent application from functioning correctly.

5. Check Your Windows Firewall 

Your windows firewall settings may block the uTorrent client application from loading.

It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding firewall setting
  • Type Firewall and security protection from your search bar
  • Click on Allow an app through the Firewall from the Windows screen
  • From the Allowed applications dialogue box, click on Change Settings
  • Now you can see the listed applications are enabled to make changes.
  • Find and Locate the uTorrent application
  • Check the Private and public boxes next to the uTorrent TCP – in and UDP – in
  • Click OK

Now you have given the administrative privilege and allowed the app in the Windows firewall.

Try running downloading the files through the uTorrent client. Now you can download the file without any hassle.

6. Scan Your Pc For Any Viruses Or Malware Files

If you have an antivirus installed, scan your PC for any virus infection.

If any file or malware is detected, remove it with your Antivirus software and restart your system.

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If you don’t have any software, scan the system with Windows security.

  • Type and search Windows Security and tap on it.
  • Click on Virus & Thread protection 
  • Under the scan option, Select Full Scan from the radio and click the Now button.
  • Remove and Permanently delete the Infected files from your system.

The next step is to reinstall your uTorrent application.

7. Reinstall The Application

If none of the above methods works, then Uninstall the uTorrent application.

Clear temp files and restart your PC.

Now freshly install the uTorrent application and try downloading the files.

Now you don’t face any errors.

But if you face the same error, It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding in the future; changing your user account will fix it.

Wrapping It Up

Giving administrative privilege and clearing out the widow’s firewall path will effectively resolve the error: It Seems Like uTorrent Is Already Running But Not Responding.

Thanks to Technological advancement, the compatibility issue only be an issue if you are using the older version of windows 10. 

Clearing downloads and app data is to boost the performance of uTorrent. 

Most problems are resolved by Reinstalling the application unless there is no conflict with the administrative permission.

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