How To Fix Instagram Reels Transitions Not Showing

How To Fix Instagram Reels Transitions Not Showing

Are you having trouble trying to see Instagram Reel transitions on your device?

Maybe the reels feature of Instagram is not working properly in your account.

If that is the case then no need to worry because we are here to help you.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can post content and keep in touch with your friends and family.

However, similar to other online platforms Instagram can also have issues and problems that can frustrate you.

In this article we will be looking at the fixes that will help you to fix the issue of Instagram Reels transitions not showing on your device.

Why Is Instagram Reels Transitions Not Showing?

There are various reasons why your Instagram reel transitions aren’t working.

This issue can range from a poor internet connection to a bug in the Instagram system.

instagram reels transitions not showing

Below, we have listed some of the reasons for your convenience.

  • Poor Internet connection.
  • Bug or Glitch in Instagram.
  • Instagram App is not updated to the latest version.
  • Accumulation of too many cache files.
  • The reel feature is not available in your region.

How To Fix Instagram Reel Transitions Not Showing?

Now that you have understood what could be the reasons for your issue, we will be looking at the fixes that can fix the Instagram reel transitions not working on your device.

If Reel is not available in your region then that could be the reason why you aren’t able to see anything related to Instagram Reels in your Instagram account however if that is not the case then please try the fixes below.

1. Check The Internet Connection

The first thing that you need to do is to check whether the internet connection in your device is functioning right.

Instagram is an online social media platform due to this Instagram requires stable and high-speed internet to execute its functions properly if your internet is acting poorly then that could be the issue.

Make sure that the Aeroplane mode is turned off and your data or wifi is turned on.

You can also interchange your connection between wifi and data to check which one is causing the issue.

If you find any problem please contact the local service provider to get it fixed.

2. Log Out And Login Again In To Instagram

The next thing that you need to do is to log out and then log in to the Instagram account.

Sometimes there can be minor glitches in the system of Instagram due to which you might be seeing this kind of problem where your Instagram Transition reels won’t show up.

However, you can easily solve this glitch by simply logging out and then login in again after waiting for some time. 

3. Update Instagram App

Check whether you have the Instagram app updated to its latest version.

Instagram updates its software regularly to keep it well-maintained.

However, you could have missed one of the updates due to which your Instagram is not working properly.

In that case, you will have to go to App Store or Play Store and update your Instagram app from there.

After you are done updating, log into your Instagram account and check whether you are having the same problem.

4. Clear Cache Files Of Instagram

You should also clear the Cache files of Instagram from your device.

Cache files can store junk and corrupted files which stops Instagram from functioning properly.

To easily clear the Cache files please follow the steps below.

Clear Cache for Android

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Open Apps.
  • Select Manage Apps.
  • Navigate to Instagram and tap on it.
  • Tap on Clear Data or Clear Cache.

Clear Cache for iPhone

  • Go to iPhone settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Find Instagram App and click on that.
  • Tap on the Offload App button.
  • Again Reinstall the Instagram app.

5. Uninstall And Reinstall Instagram

As an alternative solution, you can also uninstall and reinstall Instagram from your device.

If there is any bug that is causing the issue in your device then uninstalling Instagram and then reinstalling it after some time has passed will delete the bug from your device.

As a precautionary step, you can also restart your device before installing Unstagrma again.

6. Contact Instagram Support Team

After you have tried all the solutions listed in this section you should be able to see the Instagram Reels working properly on your device.

However, if you are still not able to see Instagram Reels Transition then please contact the Instagram Support Team and they will be able to guide you regarding this issue.