How To Fix Escape From Tarkov Error 523

Are you having trouble trying to log in and open your Escape from Tarkov? 

If you are seeing the error message “Error on POST. Status Code 523” along with a launcher link then it could be due to ongoing server issues in Escape from Tatrklov.

Many players have reported this issue where they are unable to log in to the game and keep seeing the error code 523.

Escape from  Tarkov is a great game that you can play to relax in your free time.

However, it can also have errors and issues that will make you have a bad gaming experience.

And that is why today, we will be going over the fixes that will help you to fix the issue of error code 523 in your Escape from Tarkov.

What Causes Escape From Tarkov Error 523?

There can be a few reasons why Escape from Tarkov is not working on your computer and is showing the error code 523.

Below, we have listed some of these reasons so that you can take a look.

  • Technical issues with the system of Escaopr from Tarklov.
  • Server outages or scheduled maintenance.
  • Escape from Tarkov Patch not installed in your device.

How To Fix Escape From Tarkov Error 523?

In this section, we will be looking at some of the fixes that you can try to fix the error code 523 in your Escape from Tarkov.

1. Restart The Launcher

In the first fix, you can try to restart the launcher after closing Escape from Tarkov.

Sometimes there can be bugs and glitches due to which you might be seeing the error.

In that case, please restart the launcher and check whether that solves the issue of error 523.

2. Change Servers

For the next fix, you can try to change the server in which you have been playing to a different server and then check whether you are still getting the error 523.

Many players have suggested that changing servers has stopped this error in their Escape from Tarkov.

3. Check The Server Status Of Escape From Tarkov

escape from tarkov server status 3

Make sure to check the server status before you launch your Escape from Tarkov.

The server could be facing an outage or down for maintenance.

If the server is down then that could be the reason why you might be seeing the error code 523 in your game when you are trying to open it. 

Check and make sure the server is online, if it isn’t then wait till the technical team fixes the issue and then open Escape from Tarkov again.

4. Check For New Patch

Make sure that no new patch has come out that you have not downloaded.

If there is a technical bug due to which you have been seeing this error 523 then there could be a patch which is already been released by the developers for Escape from Tarkov.

Check and update the patch if available.

5. Wait For Sometime

If the error is due to a server issue or a glitch in the system of Escape from Tarkov then the chances are that the technical team is either working to remove it or making a new patch that will solve the issue.

In that case, you will have to wait for some time until it is solved in the game.

Most probably it will be solved quickly so have patience and wait for a few days.

6. Contact The Support Team

escape from tarkov support 2

If you have already tried all the fixes and still the error 523 isn’t going from your Escape from the Tarkov game then you might be completely frustrated by now.

But have no worry as you can definitely contact the Support Team of Escape from Tarkov.

Make sure that you tell them what the issue is and what solutions you have tried. The professionals will be able to help you out.