Fix: Instagram Access Data Not Showing

Instagram access data not showing

Everyone in today’s world wants to keep their Instagram updated. They want to update every social event, their achievements, their thoughts, political opinions, or something as basic as their daily chores.

So if someday you think you want to review your Instagram data, you can definitely do that.

On Instagram, users may see their account information at any moment and receive a copy of it.

What Does “Access Data” Mean On Instagram?

The access data option is a feature introduced by Instagram that allows you to get a copy for all your activities. The activities involve your photos, videos, archived stories, messages, comments, and profile data. 

Access data option will be your best bargain to keep a backup of all the activity you have done on your account.

Where Is The Access Data Option On Instagram? 

The option of access data is available in the account menu of your profile.

You can find the access data option available under your activities option. This option will be visible in your profile.

You need to open your account history, which will provide you with details of the major action you have taken for your account since it was created.

For the Instagram website on your computer, you will have to open the Security and Privacy option from the menu. In this menu, open Data Download and Select Request Download.

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Before downloading, select the format you want to download your data (HTML or JSON). You will receive your data by completing the download process.

If all the details are filled in correctly, then you will receive a link on the email you provided. Open the link, and now you can access all your data from Instagram.

Why Is Instagram Access Data Not Showing?

Instagram data access option has changed its location, which is why many users are not able to find the access my data option.

So if you are not able to find the Instagram data access option, please follow the steps given above to locate it.

If you are unable to find certain data from your history, then it may be because of the Instagram feature. When you delete data, sometimes, it is stored by Instagram for safety purposes; however, it will not be reflected in your data access option.

If you want to collect this data, then you can contact Instagram Support. They will provide you with the same.

How To Fix Instagram Access Data Not Showing?

To Fix the Instagram access data not showing, you need to visit a new window on your Instagram profile. Previously the access data option was available under the head of Security. 

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However, after the changes and upgrades of the app, the option of accessing data is available under the “your activity” section.

The new section was created to give users the ease of having all the information regarding their account activity in one place.

The steps to open your activity section and check your data information was discussed above. You can follow the same steps, and you will be able to fix Instagram access data not showing.

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Instagram is the new way of telling people what you are up to. So, share everything you want, irrespective of how big or how small that feeling is.

And do not worry. You will always be able to keep a record of all your activity.

The new upgrade has just changed the location of this feature. The access data option is very easy to use and very handy for making a backup for your account. 

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