How To Clear Instagram Cache

clear instagram cache

Cache on your device refers to the space where the temporary data or files related to the various apps are stored for improved app performance.

When you try to open or use a website or app oftentimes, then the cache can significantly boost the speed of your device.

While you operate your device, the amount of data consumption on your device also gets reduced with the help of cache.

All the apps which contain images have a cache. Cache makes the future loading of the pictures quicker by storing data about them. 

Instagram works entirely on pictures and videos. Therefore, with time Instagram can become a data hog with an incredibly large cache. 

This can negatively influence the functioning of the App since your phone’s storage gets unnecessarily acquired, leading to a poor operation.

Instagram Cache affects the space taken by the app on your phone. If you clear it, then the occupied space can be reduced.

You can easily clear the Instagram cache both on Android and iPhone.

What Is Instagram Cache?

The Instagram cache can be defined as the temporarily saved Instagram data on your device. The Instagram application saves data related to your searches on the app so that you may get to it quickly the next time you look for it.

With the help of Instagram cache, you can go to your favorite hashtags or accounts in a much lesser time.

What Happens If You Clear Cache On Instagram?

When you clear the cache buildup on Instagram, then it frees up some space on your device, and the speed of the app gets enhanced. 

It deletes all the information regarding the photos or videos which you have liked or viewed. It does not have any impact on your account’s personal information. 

Removing the cache data works identical to deleting and installing the back of the Instagram app without really performing it in the case of a web browser version or Android device.

It will remove all the temporary or non-essential data of Instagram from your phone.

Clearing the Cache data of Instagram enhances the working of the Instagram App. This is because our phones come with limited memory space, and when the cache data increases, it slows down the device speed.

However, clearing Cache data does not always mean that the performance of the app will become better.

Since the app forgets all the previous data required for quick operation after the clearing of the Cache, therefore it may comparatively function a bit slower the next time you try to go to your beloved hashtags or searches.

How To Clear Instagram Cache On Android?

Step 1: Choose ‘Storage’ In The Settings App

First of all, you have to go to the Settings App on your Android device and then choose the Storage option.

Step 2: Tap On The Instagram App

Under the storage option, you have to choose the Other Apps option. This will open a list of Apps, out of which you have to select the Instagram App.

Step 3: Choose ‘Clear Cache’

After this, you have to choose the Clear Cache option. When you tap on it, it will turn grey, and the used space in MB for Cache will come down to zero.

How To Delete Instagram Cache On IPhone?

Step 1: Look For The Instagram Icon

First of all, you will be required to search for the icon for the Instagram application. For this, you can go to the App library or try to find it on the home screen of your device.

Step 2: Tap & Hold The Instagram Icon

After this, you have to tap & hold the icon of the Instagram app for a few seconds to open the menu.

Step 3: Choose Remove App

From the menu that appears, you have to choose the minus sign or the Remove App option.

Step 4: Approve App Deletion

Following this, you will be inquired to approve the removal of the Instagram application from your device. So, tap Confirm.

Step 5: Install The Instagram Application Again

Now, you need to Reinstall the Instagram Application. You can install the application from the App store and then can log into your account with your credentials.

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How To Clear The Instagram Cache On Web?

Step 1: Visit The Official Instagram Website

First of all, you have to visit the below-given website of Instagram.

Step 2: Head To The Profile Icon

Now, you have to tap on your Profile Picture icon and then select the Settings option.

Step 3: Choose The ‘Privacy And Security

After this, you have to choose the Privacy and Security option.

Step 4: Open ‘View Account Data’

Now, you have to go to the View Account Data option. Then, choose Account Activity.

Step 5: Choose The ‘View All’ Option

Under the Search History, you now need to select the ‘View All’ option.

Step 6: Choose ‘Clear Search History

Now, you need to select the Clear Search History alternative.

Step 7: Confirm The Clearing

After this, you have to confirm the deletion of the cache by clicking on Yes, I’m sure.

How To Clear The Instagram Cache Without Deleting The App?

You can effortlessly remove the Instagram cache on the Web browser or on the Android phone. 

We have already furnished above the required set of steps for deleting the App’s cache without removing the Instagram Application.

But in the case of the iPhone, it would not be possible to clear the Instagram Cache without deleting the Instagram Application.

You need to uninstall the application from your iPhone to get the App’s Cache cleared from it.

How To Clear Instagram Cookies?

Steps To Clear Instagram Cookies:

  • Open the Settings application on your device.
  • From settings, choose the “Apps” option and then again choose the “Apps” option.
  • When done, from the applications, choose Instagram.
  • Under this, go to the storage option.
  • You will now have to tap on the clear data option.
  • Tap on OK to confirm. 

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Instagram Cache Not Clearing

If you are facing trouble in clearing the cache from your device, then you can try to clear the search history by opening your account in the web browser.

Although this will not clear the complete Instagram cache it will definitely free up some space for you on the device.

Steps to Clear Search History On Instagram

  • Firstly, go to the profile icon on your Instagram Application.
  • Now, choose the three horizontal bar icons from the top-right corner.
  • After this, select the Settings or Gear icon.
  • Then select the Security option after this, tap the Search history option.
  • Finally, select the Clear All option.

If this too fails to provide you the desired result, then you can completely remove the Instagram App from your phone by uninstalling it, and then you can install it back to make the Instagram app and your device free from the Instagram Cache. 

Does Clearing Cache On Instagram Delete Everything?

No, clearing the cache on Instagram does not delete everything. It only deletes the temporary files from your phone or device which Instagram had stored to improve your experience on the app.

It clears the search or explore history from the memory of your device. This stored cache data provides easy reloading of the hashtags, profiles, photos, or videos on your device.

But in order to free up the storage space on your device, Instagram cache history needs to be deleted from time to time.

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Whenever you feel like your App is not working properly or is lagging, then it can be due to a filled cache on your device. In this case, you can try to clear the Instagram cache first to fix the issue.

It is not very difficult to clear the Instagram cache from your device. We have provided you with all the relevant steps which you can use to clear Instagram Cache from your Android, iPhone, or from the web browser version of Instagram.