How To Merge Instagram Accounts

merge instagram accounts

No one can survive without Instagram and its hot new features in today’s world. And some of us might already have multiple Instagram accounts meant for different aspects of our lives.

Merging your Instagram accounts can help you manage them better without being utterly confused and burdened with the extra work at the end of the day!!

Merging your Instagram accounts will help you to-

  • Integrate your varied content 
  • Come up with a better customer/audience experience
  • Helps in adding diversity to your creative content and audience

Can You Merge Instagram Accounts? 

No, you can’t merge your Instagram accounts, but you can link multiple accounts to each other. The feature for “merging” is not a part of Instagram yet. 

Instagram is a world of opportunities waiting to be unlocked. You should use its unique, interactive features to boost your personal brand or your organization’s brand image.  Explore its benefits today!! 

How To Merge Instagram Accounts?

Currently, this feature is not available on Instagram. But, you can link multiple accounts so that you can keep track of what you are posting on each of them and have sound knowledge about the persona of each of the Instagram accounts you handle.

Once linked, you can access both these accounts with the same Login credentials. 

How To Merge Business And Personal Instagram Accounts? 

Currently, this feature is not available on Instagram. You can always convert your personal account to business accounts and vice versa.

Instagram allows its users to access both these accounts through the same login credentials, making it easier for them to keep track of what each of the accounts represents and to avoid wrong postings on them.

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Merging isn’t an option on Instagram, but the popular social media app has a plethora of other features that might just help you on your social media journey.

Keep exploring the app for new updates. You might just see “Merging” as a new feature in the coming future!!