How To Fix Foxtel Error Code F1150

Are you stopped by the Error code F1150 appearing at an instance from nowhere and searching for the Fix?

Don’t worry. You have come to the Right place.

Foxtel is one of the most popular Video Streaming apps in Australia.

They have more than 6 million users since it has good customer service and an affordable price range.

The only issue is that sometimes users face the Foxtel Error Code F1150 while watching the Video.

The error is temporary, and the error occurs due to some technical glitches in streaming video.

In this article, you will understand How to fix Foxtel Error code F1150 and the reason behind it.

Why Does Foxtel Error Code F1150 Occur?


Foxtel Error Code F11504 means the error occurs due to technical glitches and cannot stream a particular video for a while.

As said earlier, the error is due to technical difficulties the Video faces while it streams.

It is a temporary error caused by the Video since the signal might have an issue.

Some of the network settings may be blocking the Video from streaming.

How To Fix Foxtel Error Code F1150?

1. Check The Internet Connection

It would help if you had an internet connection to communicate with Satellite.

So ensure your internet connection. If you find an issue with your internet connection, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  • If you use the Cable connection, Unplug and Re plug the cables.
  • Next, restart your router and check the connection between the TV and the box.
  • If an error still occurs, switch to another network like mobile data or any other network you have.

Now you can see the error is resolved. Not yet? Then follow the next solution.

2. Disable VPN Connection

Since the Foxtel is available and can be streamed only within Australia.

You cannot watch the Video on Foxtel if you have an active VPN connection.

Check for VPN connections or Add-ons if you have installed and disabled it.

Now launch your Foxtel app and check the issue is gone.

3. Check With Another Channel

Switch to any other channel and check whether it is streaming without issue.

You can also check with other devices or friends and confirm the operational status of the Video with them.

If the other channels work fine, the issue with the particular Video or Channel will fix automatically; try again after 30 minutes.

Seeing the error is common in all channels, then check your internet connection.

4. Check Your Subscription Plan Status

Not all other channels are available in all subscription plans.

So make sure you have an active subscription plan to watch the Video.

If you are a New user, the trial period might end, and you must activate your Subscription plan.

If you have activated the plan, sometimes give some Foxtel to process the goal and try again after two hours.

Now Foxtel will stream the Video without any issues, and you can watch your fav show.

5. Restart Your Device

It might be a simple yet powerful solution.

Power off your device correctly and unplug it from the Power outlet.

Please wait for 2 to 3 minutes and Power on it.

Try loading your series and see if the error is gone.

You have a Strong Internet connection and tried all the above methods. 

Still finds no luck, then you need to contact Foxtel customer support for further assistance.