How To Fix “Error Code Itv-101” On Freevee

Freevee is a streaming service that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and live events online.

Sometimes, you might come across an error called Freevee Error Code Itv-101, which can interrupt your streaming.

The complete error displays: “Failed to load Watch. Error Code: ITV-101”

Don’t worry, though! We’ll explain why this error happens and give you easy steps to fix it, so you can get back to watching your favourite content.

What Causes Freevee Error Code Itv-101?

Freevee Error Code Itv-101 is a problem that often happens when using the Freevee app on Roku devices.

It seems that the app and Roku may not work well together due to compatibility issues.


Updates and changes on both platforms can create settings that cause this error.

Thankfully we were able to find some workarounds that might fix this issue for you.

How To Fix Freevee Error Code Itv-101?

Now that we understand the potential causes of Freevee Error Code Itv-101, let’s explore some simple steps to resolve the issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

To fix Freevee Error Code Itv-101, make sure your internet connection is strong and reliable.

Here are the steps to check your internet connection:

  • Power off your router for 2 to 3 minutes, then restart it and check if the error persists.
  • Check if other apps on your device are experiencing similar issues, as this may indicate an internet problem.
  • If possible, connect your device to a different Wi-Fi network or use a mobile hotspot for an alternative connection.
  • Test your internet speed on a reliable website to ensure a fast and stable connection.
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2. Check For Freevee Updates

Check if there are any updates available for the Freevee app on your Smart TV’s app store.

Simply search for “Freevee” in your app store and install any updates that are available.

Here are the steps for Updating Freevee app:

  • Highlight the “Freevee” app.
  • The Hold “three dashes” button on your remote.
  • Click On “more info”.
  • If Freevee update is available click on “Update”.

3. Restart Your Device

Just try turning off your device, wait for a couple of minutes, and then turn it back on.

This simple step can often fix temporary problems with your device or the Freevee app that may be causing the error.

4. Check The HDMI Cable

Make sure the HDMI cable connecting your device to the TV is securely plugged in and there are no problems with the port.

Loose connections or issues with the HDMI cable can sometimes create trouble for the Freevee app on your device.

5. Clear Freevee App Cache

Clearing the cache can sometimes resolve the issue because, over time, the cache stored in your app can become corrupted.

Follow these steps To Clear The Cache And Data Of The Freevee App On TV (The steps may vary on different brands and os):

  • Navigate to TV Settings.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • Choose Installed Applications.
  • Locate and select “Freevee” from the list.
  • Choose “Clear Cache”.
  • Then, choose “Clear Data”.
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6. Contact Amazon Support

Amazon support

If you’re still seeing the Freevee error code Itv-101, it’s a good idea to contact Amazon support for more help.

Their support team can guide you and work with you to fix the problem.

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