How To Fix “Error Code DR1001” In NFS Heat

Need for Speed(NFS) Heat is a racing video game released in 2019 by Electronic Arts.

NFS Heat is 24th instalment in the Need For Speed series.

However, lot of peoples facing issue in NFS Heat when they getting online.

Are you getting “Error Code: DR1001” in Need For Speed Heat.

The full error is “disconnected from session” .

Second part of the error is “You have disconnected from the session. See for additional information” followed by “Error Code: DR1001“.

nfs heat disconnected from session error ocde dr1001

No worry, you are not alone. Lot of peoples getting this error.

In this article, we will discuss why error code DR1001 occurred in NFS Heat and how to fix it.

Why Does Error Code DR1001 Occurred In NFS Heat?

One of the most common reasons why error code DR1001 occurred in NFS heat is an unstable internet connection. 

So, The first step is to check and ensure a stable internet connection.

Other possible reasons for disconnecting from session is bug/ glitch in NFS heat or NFS heat server is down.

As many players reporting the issue on Twitter and Reddit:

“Sometimes I get disconnected every 10 minutes from a game, which isn’t much of a problem when I’m playing day (but it barely happens during the day, always at night). Sometimes I can play for hours without any problem and sometimes I literally get disconnected every 10 min for an hour long. This is very very frustrating.”

“Disconnected from session, keep getting this when I go online”

How To Fix “Error Code DR1001” In NFS Heat?

To fix error code DR1001 in NFS Heat, Make sure you have stable internet connection.

If you have stable internet connection and still getting disconnected from session then there is bug in NFS heat.

EA team is working to resolve the issue and try after sometime.

Also try to restart the game and check if this works or not.

If still you are getting same error then wait till the issue is fixed by EA team or contact support team.

Patches and updates will be made available on a regular basis.

After that you can update the game to latest version.

Also, you can contact support team:

Alternatively, you can also contact them on Twitter:

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