How To Fix DoorDash Unknown Error 99

Are you having issues with your DoorDash app?

Maybe you are in the middle of dashing and suddenly your app is showing the unknown error 99 messages.

This can not only be frustrating but can also be problematic if you depend on DoorDash for your livelihood.

But there is no need to worry anymore as we will be showing you exactly how you can solve this error 99 on your own.

DoorDash is a great service through which you can earn a living by delivering food to customers from restaurants.

It has an app where you can log in and then complete the orders and eastern money, however similar to other apps DoorDash can also have issues that will make the app show errors.

What Causes DoorDash Unknown Error 99?

error DoorDash Unknown Error 99

When you are seeing the unknown error 99 in your DoorDash App then it can mean that the app is down at the moment.

There can be some issues with the server due to which the server is undergoing maintenance or is currently facing an outage.


In that case, the DoorDash app will not be able to function properly as it will not be able to connect to its server.

This error 99 can occur due to a bug in the system of DoorDash in certain situations.

If you have an issue with your internet connection that can also show you the unknown error 99 messages in your DoorDash app.

How To Fix DoorDash Unknown Error 99?

In this section, we will be looking at the fixes that will help to fix the issue where you are not able to use your DoorDash app and keep getting shows the unknown error 99.

1. Check The DoorDash Server Status

The first thing that you need to check is whether the server of DoorDash is working or not.

If you find that the server is down for some reason or the server is undergoing maintenance then please wait for some time until the technical team fixes the issue and then you will be able to use the DoorDash app again.

2. Sign Out And Sign Back In

You can also try to sign out of your DoorDash account and then sign back in after some time has passed.

After you do this you will be able to see the DoorDash app working again.

However, if you still see error 99 then please follow the other fixes in this section.                                            

3. Check The Internet Connection

You should also check the internet connection to make sure that you are connected with a stable and fast connection.

If you are seeing the error while dashing then maybe your internet connectivity is low.

Make sure to go to a place with a better connection and then try to connect to the DoorDash servers again and that should solve the issue.

4. Contact DoorDash Support Team

If you can not solve the issue even after trying all the fixes given in this section then you should contact the DoorDash support team.

You should communicate your issue to the professionals and they would be able to help you out.