Fix: Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working

Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working

Destiny 2, which is a multiplayer shooter game, has a rating of 9 out of 10 on Steam and was launched in 2017.

Since then, it has been reaching enormous heights. Recently, the users have been facing an issue with the piercing sidearm, which they were enjoying a lot. 

In this post, we will take a brief look at why the Destiny 2 piercing sidearm is not working and if there are any fixes available, and to know more. Stay tuned

Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working

It’s either because of a bug, or the piercing sidearm has been disabled. In addition, Bungie has also disabled the piercing sidearm for some reasons. 

All across the globe, almost eighty percent of Destiny players have reported their complaints regarding the piercing sidearm.

There are only a couple of reasons why your piercing sidearm is not working.

We will follow the sequence of the reasons which will lead us to the ‘main’ reasons why the piercing sidearm is not working at all.

The reasons are as follows: 

1. A Bug Or A Glitch In Destiny 2

Users are not able to buy the piercing sidearm or use it in a fight because the app has some internal issues which do not allow users to use the piercing sidearm. 

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2. Short Distances

There is one major change you will see if you succeed in using the piercing sidearm is that you can only use it to shoot for short distances and to “shoot through the walls,” so if you are trying to use the pricing sidearm to shoot for a long distance then piercing sidearm will not work. 

3. Bungie Has Disabled It

As the piercing sidearm has got its new feature where it can shoot through the walls, it has become more powerful, and its increasing use has caused the bugs and the artifacts in Destiny 2 to glitch. 

Users who have purchased it are not able to use it as it shows that they have not bought it yet.

The demand and the glitch rates, overpowering effects of piercing sidearm, and other major reasons made Bungie (the developers) disable the equipment. 

How To Fix Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working 

If you think there must be some fixes to troubleshoot the Destiny 2 Piercing Sidearm Not Working problem, then, unfortunately, till now, there have been no fixes or methods that the players can follow to resolve the problem with the piercing sidearm.

However, the only method that you can use is to contact the support team. Visit: and submit the issue that you have encountered. 

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By now, you must know why you are not able to use the piercing sidearm in Destiny 2. You may be relieved to know that Bungie has disabled the piercing sidearm completely for the glitch rates.

They are still working on the fix, or there are chances they may not come up with the fix but instead add a better and new feature. 

We hope this article has helped you to know why the Destiny 2 piercing is not working.

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