Fix: Dasher Direct Card Not Working

Dasher Direct Card Working

With DasherDirect, your earnings are deposited to a prepaid debit card after every dash. No deposit fees, no waiting — just your earnings, right in your wallet.

However, not everyone can have a smooth experience with the Dasher Direct Card.

Many people have been encountering issues like their Dasher Direct Card not working. 

In this article, we will explain why Dasher Direct Card not working and how to fix it.

Why Is Dasher Direct Card Not Working? 

The Dasher Direct Card has either expired or damaged, or you have attempted several times to enter an incomplete/wrong pin are some reasons why your Dasher Direct Card is not working 

Below the reasons in details why your Dasher Direct Card not working:

1. Your Dasher Direct Card Has Expired 

Every card comes with an expiration date. If you have missed checking the expiration date, please make sure you remember the expiration date before using the card because if you enter the pin, number, and details, your Dasher Direct Card will not directly be declined, but it won’t simply function. 

2. Inadequate Funds In Your Account 

Have you checked the balance in your account? If not, then Inadequate funds in your account may be the reason why your Dasher Direct Card is not working. 

If you are making a hefty purchase with inadequate funds in your Dasher Direct account, then your transaction will fail.

In other words, your card will not work for that purchase. You can only make transactions(or payments) within the available amount limit in your Dasher Direct account

3. You Have Reached The Daily Limit 

If your Dasher Direct Card has a limit and you have touched the daily limit of making transactions, then for your next transaction, your card will not work as you have already crossed the “daily limit.”

You can call Dasher Direct support team and then tell them to ”increase the limit”. 

4. Several Incorrect Attempts 

The other reason which can be the cause of why your Dasher Direct Card is not working is mainly that you have entered several times the wrong pin or card numbers. 

As a result, your card will be blocked. When you hold more than two cards, you can misplace the number or get confused. 

That’s normal. Always carry the card with you or check the number and other details twice from your Dasher Direct app. 

5. Bend Card/Chip Damaged 

Another reason why your Dasher Direct Card is not working may be due to the fact that your card is slightly bent or some damages are not visible, like carefully checking the chip if it’s spoiled or if the magnetic strip has been severely damaged. 

A point to be noted here is that a high temperature can also affect your card. 

6. Dasher Direct Suspected Illegal Activities 

If Dasher Direct has suspected malicious activities from your card number,  the Dasher Direct authorities will suspect there is someone who is trying to gain unauthorized access to your card.

As a security measure, your card will be blocked, and while you try to use it, it won’t work. 

You may actually not know when your card gets blocked, so try to avoid giving your Dasher Direct card  details in an unauthorized place and if you suspect a third person is triggering you to give your card details, please immediately report your problem to the Dasher Direct support team. 

7. Dasher Direct Server Problems 

Every debit or credit card commonly faces a Dasher Direct Card not working problem for server or connection problems. 

The server is overloaded, or the system has slowed down for other technical reasons. 

You can always try to use your Dasher Direct Card after some time. If you are in urgent need, it is always better to either use the mobile card app or call the Dasher Direct support team. 

8. Merchant / Vendor Issues 

Merchant or vendor issues imply that the shop may not support your Dasher Direct Card or the card does not work in a particular geographical location. 

There are chances that the shopkeeper has manually entered your card credentials, and he or she has made a blunder. 

In such a case, always fill in the details(pin and number) by yourself. 

9. International Transactions 

Before you make any international payments/transactions, you have to inform your Dasher Direct support team or you have to enable it.

If you haven’t done that yet and are trying to make an overseas payment, then your Dasher Direct Card may not work, and eventually, the transaction will be declined. 

You can give Dasher Direct a call and tell them about your transaction details. 

10. Unactivated Card

The unactivated card may be a rare reason for some of you, but for the ones who got a new Dasher Direct debit/master card after a replacement or a new user of a Dasher Direct Card, your card may not have been activated yet. 

An unactivated card is a reason why it is not working. There is nothing to be worried about. 

You can either activate from your mobile phone card app or directly contact the Dasher Direct support team and ask about the activation.

How To Fix “Dasher Direct Card Not Working”?

Fix 1: Get A Replacement/New Card

Always make sure that you get a replacement beforehand when your card is about to expire. 

Do not delay getting a replacement card as there are hundreds of people who couldn’t get a replacement easily after their card expired. 

Some had to wait for months. If your card is damaged, you can contact the Dasher Direct support team and ask them for a new card. 

Fix 2: Cross-Check Everything 

Be it a debit or credit card. It is a sensitive case. You have to be careful whenever you are using them, especially when you are entering the CVV number, card number/pin. 

Double-check once you have entered. And do not miss out on checking your account balance before you run out of funds. 

Fix 3: Inform The Dasher Direct Support Team

Before you make any international purchase or you are using the card in an unsupported region, you have to notify the Dasher Direct authorities. 

Give Dasher Direct support team a call and briefly tell them the issue. 

And in cases where you suspect malicious activities with your own card, let the Dasher Direct authorities know about it and notify them to keep your card “blocked.” 

Fix 4: Avoid Using Listlessly  

The fix to avoid using listlessly is meant for the cardholders to have a limit for their daily transactions. 

If your Dasher Direct Card has a limit, do not hand it away from the card to some other person who will use it listlessly, and even if you are handing them, let them know about its daily transaction limit or in the middle of the payment, Queue the card will not work, or it will be blocked. 

You have to check your available funds and the left transaction (daily) limit.

The four fixes do not deal with on-spot solutions as there is none. Apparently, you must be familiar with the phrase “precaution is always better than cure.” 

Contacting the Dasher Direct support team while you are in an urgent situation will not solve your issue. You have to wait for hours or days sometimes.

Fix 5: Contact The Dasher Direct Support Team 

Even though you have got a replacement of the card after it was expired, got a new card after it was damaged, you have always cross-checked before entering the number or pin, and you have never crossed the limit, and you still encounter that your Dasher Direct Card is not working, contact them directly.

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Dasher Direct Card is not working mostly because of fraudulent or suspicious transactions on your card or don’t have enough fund.

Dasher Direct Card not working is not a rare problem. Several people have faced issues with the card during making transactions.