How To Fix CIMB Error Code CLK01013

Are you seeing the error message, “We’ve encountered an unexpected error, Please try again, If this continues, please contact our call centre, Clk01013 when you are trying to log in to your CIMB account?

If that is the case then you aren’t the only one who is facing this as many other users from all over the world have had the same issue.

While CIMB is one of the most popular banks, similar to other banks it can have some errors in its system which can cause issues for its users. 

In this article, we will be looking at the reasons why you see the error CLK01013 when you are trying to log in to your CIMB account and what you can do to fix it.

What Causes Error CLK01013 In CIMB?

CIMB Error Code CLK01013

There are several reasons why you might encounter the error CLK01013 when trying to log in to your CIMB account.

However, as VCIMB has not yet provided any official information as to why this error persists, users believe that this may be due to a system bug in CIMB.

Other reasons for encountering this error may include a poor internet connection or incorrect login credentials.

How To Fix CIMB Error Code CLK01013

In this section, we will be discussing the solutions that you can try to fix the error code CLK01013 in CIMB.

1. Wait For Sometime And Retry

As the error message says, you can try to connect again after some time.

When you see the error CLK01013, you can wait for a few minutes and then try again to open CIMB and that should solve the issue.

2. Check The Internet Connection

Another thing to check is your internet connection. cannot function properly without a swift and steady internet connection.

You can test the connection by switching between several connections, such as the wifi and cellular data connections.

Moreover, Google can be used to measure your internet speed.

To see if it fixes the problem, you can also try using the ethernet connection in place of the wifi connection.

If you notice that there is a problem of any kind, we urge you to contact your local service provider to get your internet connection fixed.

3. Check Your Login Credentials

Make sure that you have put in the correct login credentials.

You can double-check it to be sure.

Be cautious while using 0 and O as you could have mistaken them due to their similarity.

4. Delete Browser Cache

You can also delete the Browser cache and see if that solves the error code CLK01013 for you.

  • Open Chrome.
  • Go to the three dots at the top right corner of your screen,
  • Choose the option More Tools.
  • Select Clear browsing data.
  • Check all the boxes and select Clear data.

5. Use Different Browser

You should also use a different browser if you see that the browser that you are using is not working properly and showing the error CLK01013 whenever you are trying to open CIMB.

Some browsers might not be compatible with the CIMB website and in that case, choosing another browser to open it should solve the issue.

6. Contact CIMB Support Team

After you have tried all the fixes given in this section you should be able to log into your CIMB account without having any issues.

However, if you still see the error CLK01013 then you need to contact the Support Team of CIMB and they should be able to help you out.