Fix: CapCut Auto Velocity Not Showing

CapCut is the official free TikTok Video Editor and Video Maker with Music. It is multifunctional and simple to use.

CapCut includes free sophisticated capabilities such as keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion effects, chroma key, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and stabilization in addition to its fundamental functions such as video editing, text, stickers, filters, colors, and music to let you record and snip moments.

CapCut Auto Velocity helps you to customize video layer speed and slow at the same time with automatic features.

Anyone with basic video editing skills can quickly modify their work in an effort to get more viewers.

Are you not able to find Auto Velocity feature in CapCut or Auto Velocity not showing in CapCut.

In this article, why Auto Velocity is not showing in CapCut and where you can find auto velocity in CapCut.

Why CapCut Auto Velocity Not Showing?

If you are not able to see auto velocity feature in CapCut means you haven’t updated the CapCut app in long while.

Auto velocity feature doesn’t have a setting to adjust the video speed.

After that, if auto velocity feature is not showing to you then there is bug/ glitch in CapCut.

How To Fix CapCut Auto Velocity Not Showing?

To fix auto velocity not showing in CapCut, First Update CapCut app to latest version.

After that to use auto velocity on CapCut, You need to add a video >> Open the Style menu >> Tap the auto velocity feature and wait a while for the creation process to finish.

Detailed Steps to Find & Use Auto Velocity in CapCut:

Step 1: Open CapCut App in your device either Android or iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Plus Icon

Step 3: Now, Create a new project

Step 4: Add video which you want auto velocity video

Step 5: Add a new song for your auto velocity video

Step 6: Now, Trim the video

Step 7: Tap on Edit menu or Tap on video player

Step 8: Go to Styles menu

Step 9: Now, Select and hold the Auto velocity feature

Step 10: Wait a while for the creation process to finish