How To Fix “Avatars For Microsoft Teams Is Not Supported For This License”

Wondering about the recently added Avatar feature in Microsoft Teams, sadly cannot use the Feature and looking for a fix?

Microsoft Team avatar apps help users to represent themselves the way they want with customization avatars and reactions without turning on the camera during the meeting. 

However, many users are experiencing the issue and need help finding the app or Feature in the Microsoft Office team.

Avatars for Teams public preview is available in the Microsoft Teams desktop app on Windows and Mac.

It has yet to be available in the consumer version of Teams or the new Teams. 

Even though there is no exact fix until get the new rollout, let’s see possible ways to enjoy the avatar feature during team meetings.

What Does “Avatars For Microsoft Teams Is Not Supported For This License” Mean?

avatars for microsoft teams is not supported for this license error message

Avatars For Microsoft Teams Is Not Supported For This License means you cannot access the Avatar feature, and it is not available for the licensed version you currently are into

According to Microsoft, The avatar option is only available for Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3, Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Teams Premium.

In addition, you will get the error if you use the Web version of Microsoft Teams. It is only available for desktop versions on Windows and MAC.

You cannot see or use the Avatar because you have not enabled the Microsoft preview mode in Teams.

How To Enable Avatar In Microsoft Teams?

avatars for microsoft teams is not supported for this license Avatar feature

To enable Avatar to follow the below steps

App Installation:

  • Open your Microsoft Teams and Click on three dots at the left sidebar 
  • Click on Apps, Type Avatar in the search bar, and click on it.
  • Tab on Add button to install it.
  • Once installation is completed, click on the Avatar app to launch it.

Avatar Creation:

  • To create a new Avatar, click on the + icon and then select Create New
  • Click on Use Avatar and Play around the options to create your own Avatar.
  • Finally, save it.

Enable Avatar Feature:

avatars for microsoft teams is not supported for this license Avatar during meet
  •  Go to the Team link and join the meeting
  • Turn off your camera and click Effects and Avatar below the preview box.
  • Click Join now to enter the meeting.
  • Click the More button at the top of the meeting window and Go to Avatars and Effects.
  • Now you can see your Avatar on your profile screen.
  • Expand the All Reaction button at the avatar panel and play with different reactions.
  • Finally, pin the most liked reaction for quick access and enjoy your meeting with the newly created avatar version.

How To Fix “Avatars For Microsoft Teams Is Not Supported For This License”?

1. Enable Avatar App

Some users reported that they do not even see the Avatar app in Microsoft.

As a team member if you can use the Avatar app only if The Avatars for Microsoft Teams app is allowed by your IT admin.

Verify with your IT Admin whether the Feature is allowed for the fellow team members to use.

2. Enable Preview Mode

Many users reported that they can able to use the Feature before, but it suddenly stopped working in Teams.

They can access the Avatar App and customize the Avatar but cannot enable it during the meeting, while others in the meeting can use it.

If it is the case, then try to enable the public preview mode in Microsoft Teams.

A public preview in the team means you can get early access to the unreleased Feature in the Teams.

To enable public preview, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings and More to the left of your profile picture in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Select About and go to Public preview
  3. Now Click on switch to public preview in the opened window.

If you cannot access the Public preview, right-click on the Team application in the taskbar and click Quit. 

avatars for microsoft teams is not supported for this license quit team

Repeat the above step, and you can enable the public preview without any issues.

You can see the small letter “EA(Early Access)” next to your profile picture when you’re using the Teams public preview.

Once it is enabled, Create a Team meet and click on Join.

The Effects and Avatar option is below the camera preview.

Click on it, pick your favourite Avatar from the right panel, and enjoy your meeting.

If you still face the issue, follow the next method.

3. Install The Right Version

According to a post from the Microsoft community, the Feature is available and accessible in particular versions of Microsoft Team Classic.

So uninstall the current Microsoft Team and install the below version.


  • Type Add or Remove Programs in the Windows search bar and click on it.
  • Search for Microsoft Teams in the apps and features.
  • Right-click on it and uninstall it. 


  •  Click the Finder icon in the Dock, 
  • Click Applications in the Finder sidebar. 
  •  Drag the Microsoft team from the Applications folder to the Trash at the end of the Dock.

Go to the link below and download the version according to your processor type.

The above methods are the only possible ways to enable the Avatar features in Teams.

If none of the methods works, you must wait until the official rollout since the Feature is still in beta. There has yet to be an exact fix found.