How To Fix “Act Unable To Access Network Data” On FFXIV

If you are fond of the Final Fantasy XIV game, you know about the Ffxiv Act plugin and how it works.

ACT is a third-party tool called Advanced Combat Tracker, which helps you keep track of your group statistics while playing any game in Final Fantasy XIV.

You can record your data and analyse the fighting sequences to improve the fight technique and play effectively next time.

However, sometimes you face an issue when you try to connect FFXIV Act Plugin from your game.

You will be blocked by following the error Message.

Failed: Unable to access network data due to Windows Firewall, Please disable, or add the TCP rule for Advance Compact Tracker.

In this article, you will get handy guide to troubleshoot the above error step by step.

Why Causes “Act Unable To Access Network Data” On FFXIV?

Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network Data error

The error FFXIV Act Unable To Access Network Data means, for some reason, the firewall setting or the other third-party software blocking the ACT plugin from working.

Though the main reason is the Windows firewall setting, there might be other possible reasons that block you from accessing Network Data:

  • You might be using the Outdated version of the FFXIV ACT
  • As mentioned above, firewall settings might block you from installing
  • Act version compatibility issue
  • Any other extensions might conflict with the FFXIV ACT
  • Error occurred during the installation of FFXIV ACT
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How To Fix “Act Unable To Access Network Data” On FFXIV

Whatever the error, the primary step is to check the Internet connection.

Ensure that the internet connection is stable and working fine.

Since the issue concerns security reasons, ensure your Run FFXIV Act as an administrator while installing and opening the app.

You can also right-click on The app and Enable Run as Administrator under the security tab from properties.

1. Update The Final Fantasy XIV Game 

Updating the Final Fantasy XIV Game will fix any related security issues in the game application.

After updating the game, update the ACT plugin to avoid compatibility issues with the game and the FFXIV plugin.

Relaunch your game and try to access the FFXIV Plugin to see if the issues are fixed.

Else follow the next step.

2. Turn Off Windows Firewall In Windows PC

Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network Data Windowsfirewall off

The main issue is the Windows firewall setting on Windows PC.

Go to Windows Firewall and turn off windows firewall for both private and public networks.

From the start, type Windows Defender Firewall and tap on it

  • Click on Turn off Windows Firewall or On
  • Toggle on Turn off Windows Firewall and click okay.
  • Type Virus and Threat Protection
  • Select Manage settings under Virus and Threat protection
  • Toggle off Real-time protection
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Also, Turn off Virus and Threat protection.

Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network Data Exception 1
  • From start type Virus and threat protection
  • Click on Virus and Threat protection under manage settings
  • Turn off Virus and threat protection

Restart your system and try to log in to your FFXIV Act plugin.

3. Add An Exception In Windows Firewall

Ffxiv Act Unable To Access Network

Sometimes Turning off Windows firewall or Virus and threat protection and Antivirus software doesn’t work.

Also, it is only a recommended option for a short time.

Add the FFIXV game and Adon files to the Windows firewall extension.

  • Go to Windows Defender Firewall
  • Click on Allow an app or feature through Windows feature firewall 
  • Mark all the applications related to Final Fantasy XIV and FFXIV plugin.
  • Remove all the files related to DFA Assist 
  • Click On okay

Also, add and remove the respective above mentioned files on your Antivirus software. 

Now restart your system, and you can access the FFXIV plugin without issue.

If you still face the issue, it is an exception.

Follow the points below and try launching your Final Fantasy XIV game and Act plugin.

4. Disable Extra Plugins

Sometimes other plugins installed in the Final Fantasy XIV game may conflict with the FFXIV Act plugin.

Uninstall any other plugins if you installed , and try accessing the FFXIV Act plugin for your game.

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5. Disable Game Overlay In Steam Or Discord

If you are using Discord or Steam, enabling the Game overlay option might cause an issue with launching FFXIV Act Plugin.

So Disable Game Overlay and try accessing the game. 

6. Disable VPN Connections In Your Pc

If you have a VPN Connection On, then disable it.

Because if the location setting in the game file and the system mismatch, the FFXIV Act Unable To Access Network Data error will occur.

7. Check The FFXIV Act Plugin Setting File

Also, check the FFXIV Act Plugin settings for Location, game path and network settings and make sure they match the settings in the game file.

It’s also conceivable that the problem results from installation errors, such as improper FFXIV ACT installation or configuration.

Recheck the setup and installation instructions to ensure that you have installed and configured FFXIV ACT correctly.

Here is the official setup guide to Install FFXIV ACT.

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