How To Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Working

Are you unable to watch the anime with subtitles in 9Anime?

You could have been trying to watch that latest anime for which you have waited for an entire year but now you can not find any subtitle for it in 9Anime.

If that is the case then there could be multiple reasons why this might be happening.

In this article, we will be guiding you regarding the steps that you can take in such times when you are facing difficulty in trying to watch 9Anime subtitles.

Why Are 9Anime Subtitles Not Working?

There can be many reasons why you are not being able to see the subtitles in 9Anime.

Below are the reasons given that feel could be the issue.

  • You are not using the correct website and are using a fake version of 9Anime.
  • The language setting is not set to English.
  • The video does not contain subtitles from the host that you are watching.
  • Subtitles are not yet available for the anime that you want to watch.

How To Fix 9Anime Subtitles Not Working

In this section of our guide, we will be providing you with solutions that you can try if your subtitles are not working in 9Anime.

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1. Switch To Different Hosts

Screenshot 1177

Try to switch to a different host than the one you are using and see if that solves the issue of subtitles in 9Anime.

As 9Anime provides different hosts for you to watch the video from there could be a host that is providing subtitles and the other is not so check if that is the case for you.

2. Check The Domain You Are Using

9Anime has many fake websites due to this you should check thoroughly whether you are using the correct website or the official website.

The fake websites wouldn’t have the translations in most cases so you should go to the official website of 9Anime for the subtitles.

3. Refresh/ Reload 9Anime

The next thing that you can try is to reload or refresh the web browser.

It could be that you are unable to see the subtitles due to a glitch in the system of 9Anime.

Doing a refresh would help this glitch to get sorted out.

4. Check The Language Settings

Screenshot 1176

Make sure to check whether you have set the language setting to the one that you want.

You can see a gear icon at the bottom of the video.

Click on it and then go to CC and choose the language you want the subtitle in. 

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5. Wait For Sometime

If you can’t find any subtitles then it could be that the subtitle for that anime has yet to be uploaded.

In that case, you will have to wait for some time until you can see the anime with the subtitle.

You can check back periodically to see whether the subtitles have been added to the anime.

Are 9Anime Subtitles Accurate?

9Anime subtitles are not word-by-word accurate however the translation does keep the meaning of the sentence as much as it can.

There will always be a few different words used here and there but overall the translation groups try to keep the meaning of the sentence intact.

Most of the translations in 9Anime are done by the Horriblesubs group and the Erai raws.

Both groups are good translators according to the anime viewers.

Thus, you can watch the anime in 9Anime without having to doubt the quality of the translations.

However, you should also be aware that it is impossible to translate line by line or word by word from one language to another language.

So, there will be some creative liberty taken by the translators while translating the anime.

If you feel that the translations are wrong then you can report that in 9Anime by going to the video page.

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