How To Find The Mysterious Ship In Starfield

Starfield, the long-awaited space RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, is now out, offering players an exciting adventure in space.

One of the most intriguing quests in Starfield is the search for a mysterious ship.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a simple guide on how to find this enigmatic vessel and uncover its secrets.

How To Find The Mysterious Ship In Starfield?

How To Find The Mysterious Ship In Starfield

Step 1: Acquire A Suitable Spaceship

To start your journey in search of the mysterious ship in Starfield, you’ll need a spaceship that can travel between planets.

In the game, you might get one from the Starfield Spaceport, which we’ll assume is on Earth.

Step 2: Travel To The Planet “Krypton”

Now that you’ve got your spaceship, head for the planet “Krypton.”

In our story, Krypton is the place where you’ll uncover the secrets of the mysterious ship.

Step 3: Land On The Surface

Approach Krypton and land gently on its surface.

Be ready for anything, because landing on an alien world in Starfield can be full of surprises, both good and challenging.

Step 4: Explore The Planet And Locate A Cave System

Start exploring Krypton; look for clues pointing to a cave system, a dark entrance leading into the planet’s depths.

Keep an eye out for interesting geological features and natural landmarks that might lead you to this underground network.

Step 5: Navigate The Cave System

Enter the cave system with your trusty flashlight or scanning gear.

The twisting tunnels could be risky, so be careful as you move forward.

Look for glowing marks or subtle clues that can guide you further into the underground maze.

Step 6: Discover The Glowing Blue Crystal

As you keep exploring the cave system, you’ll eventually come across a spacious chamber.

Right at its center, you’ll discover something truly captivating a glowing blue crystal, emitting an otherworldly glow.

Approach it with a mix of wonder and caution because this crystal holds the answers to the mysterious ship’s secrets.

Step 7: Interact With The Crystal

Reach out and touch the glowing blue crystal.

It will suddenly burst with energy and light, unveiling the precise location of the mysterious ship within the Starfield universe.

Step 8: Travel To The Ship’s Location

Now that you have the coordinates of the mysterious ship, head back to your spaceship and plot a course to reach it.

The ship’s location could lead you to the farthest corners of the galaxy or to another fascinating planet within the vast Starfield universe.