How To Fix “Suit Protection Depleted” In Starfield

In the expansive universe of Starfield, you’ll encounter a myriad of planets, each with its unique environmental challenges.

One of the most common issues players face is the dreaded “Suit Protection Depleted” warning.

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step solution to this problem, ensuring that you can continue your interstellar exploration without a hitch.

Understanding The “Suit Protection Depleted” Warning In Starfield

In Starfield, The “Suit Protection Depleted” warning is more than just an alert; it’s a signal that your spacesuit’s protective capabilities are compromised.

This usually occurs when you’re exposed to extreme environmental conditions like high radiation, scorching heat, or freezing cold.

The warning is an indication that your suit can no longer shield you from these elements, making you vulnerable to various afflictions such as burns, frostbite, and poisoning.

Immediate Steps To Take When Suit Protection Is Depleted In Starfield

1. Find Shelter

The most immediate action to take when you receive the “Suit Protection Depleted” warning is to find shelter.

This could be your spaceship or any secure building within the game. Once inside, your suit’s protection will start to regenerate.

2. Check Your Suit’s Stats

While in a safe environment, take a moment to check your suit’s protective properties.

This will help you identify which elements you are most vulnerable to and plan your exploration accordingly.

3. Carry Essential Supplies

Always carry medical supplies like bandages and antibiotic paste.

These items can be crucial for treating afflictions you might pick up when your suit protection is low.

Long-Term Solutions When Suit Protection Is Depleted In Starfield

1. Upgrade Your Spacesuit

Visit the Spacesuit Workbench to upgrade different parts of your suit. This will enhance its protective properties, making you less susceptible to environmental hazards.

2. Invest In Specialized Suits

Consider investing in specialized suits that offer higher protection against specific elements.

For example, if you’re planning to explore a planet with high radiation levels, a suit with enhanced radiation protection would be ideal.

3. Keep An Eye On Environmental Conditions

Before stepping out of your spaceship, always check the environmental conditions of the planet you’re on.

This will help you prepare adequately and avoid the “Suit Protection Depleted” warning altogether.