What Is Fast Camera On BeReal

What Is Fast Camera On BeReal

BeReal is a popular platform that allows users to capture, edit and share their real-life experiences with others.

The platform is known for its high-quality videos and images that are captured using various cameras.

One of the most popular features of BeReal is the fast camera. In this article, we will explore what a fast camera is and how it works on BeReal.

What Is Fast Camera On BeReal


A fast camera is a setting within the BeReal application that allows users to reduce the delay between tapping the capture button and actually taking a photo.

By turning on the fast camera setting, users can take photos more quickly and capture important moments without missing a beat.

BeReal Fast Camera

This feature is especially useful for capturing fast-paced activities such as sports or action scenes where every moment counts.

Users can easily turn on the fast camera setting from within the app’s settings menu, making it a convenient and accessible tool for anyone looking to take faster photos.

It is important to note that the fast camera may compromise the picture quality.

Which Camera Takes First On BeReal?

When using the BeReal Camera feature, the application allows users to take pictures using both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras of their device.

This means that users can switch between the two cameras to take pictures from different angles or perspectives.

For example, users can use the front-facing camera to take selfies or to capture their own facial expressions while recording a video.

Alternatively, users can switch to the rear-facing camera to capture a wider scene or to take pictures of objects or people in front of them.

The ability to use both cameras on BeReal provides users with greater flexibility and creativity in capturing their real-life experiences and sharing them with others.