How To Turn Off 0.5 On BeReal

How To Turn Off 0.5 On BeReal

BeReal is a new social media app that encourages users to be real. It’s a current photo sharing that is on the rise.

BeReal allows users to share what they’re doing at a random point in the day with their friends without any filters or editing.

BeReal users receive a notification at a random point in the day where they have two minutes to take a photo of what they’re currently doing.

It offers a wide range of features that help users to create professional-grade video content.

One of the features that BeReal offers is the ability to add a 0.5 effect to videos.

This effect can add a certain look and feel to a video, but sometimes, it may not be suitable for a particular project.

In this article, we will discuss how to turn off 0.5 on BeReal and why it may be necessary.

Understanding The Ultra-Wide 0.5x Focus Feature

The ultra-wide 0.5x focus feature is an advanced camera lens functionality introduced in the iPhone 12 Pro and later models.

This innovative feature enables users to capture stunning, wide-angle photos with their smartphones.

However, when using apps like BeReal, some users may prefer to disable the ultra-wide lens option for various reasons.

Reasons To Disable The 0.5x Focus In BeReal

There are several reasons why users might want to disable the ultra-wide 0.5x focus feature in BeReal:

  1. Damaged ultra-wide lens: A cracked or damaged ultra-wide camera lens can result in blurry or distorted photos. Users with such issues may want to switch to the standard lens for better image quality.
  2. Personal preference: Some users may prefer the look and feel of photos taken with the standard lens over those captured with the ultra-wide lens.
  3. Compatibility with older devices: Although the ultra-wide lens is available only on iPhone 12 Pro and later models, users with older devices might still want to disable this feature to ensure compatibility with their smartphones.

How To Turn Off 0.5 On BeReal


As of now, BeReal does not provide a native option to disable the ultra-wide 0.5x focus feature.

However, users have come up with some workarounds to overcome this limitation:

  1. Switch to the front camera and sit still: Frame your shot using the front camera, then switch to the rear camera while remaining stationary. This may help you avoid using the ultra-wide lens.
  2. Use the rear camera and zoom in: Instead of using the ultra-wide lens, you can use the rear camera and zoom in to achieve a similar effect to the standard lens.

Please note that these workarounds may not be ideal for all users and situations, but they are the best options available at the moment.

Why Does BeReal Use Wide Lens

The use of a wide lens in BeReal is a deliberate design choice that offers several benefits:

  • Immersive experience: A wide lens captures more of the scene, giving viewers a more immersive experience.
  • Depth and perspective: The wide lens creates a sense of depth and perspective in videos, making them more engaging.
  • Creative flexibility: Wide lenses offer more creative options for users to experiment with different compositions and angles.