Fake Apple Pay Text Message | Apple Pay Scams

Fake Apple pay text message

Apple Pay is a safe and secure wallet app. But there are many scammers in the world. They try to steal your money by getting your personal information.

The scammers ask for your personal details to reactivate your Apple Pay account. The fraudsters will make you believe they are messaging from the Apple company. If you do what they say you will lose your money. 

Suspension Of Account Scams

Slowly, Apple Pay scams are increasing, and users need to be careful. The scammers send different text messages such as account suspension, fake invoices or fake Apple support messages. Scammers try to grab bank and personal information to steal money. They try to fool customers differently. 

  1. In apple pay scams, you will receive a fake text message for suspension of your account. There will also be a link attached to it.
  2. When the customers click on the link, you will get land on a fake webpage. The page will look real, and a message will be written on it. The message says your Apple Pay account has been suspended, but you can reactivate it by clicking continue.
  3. When you click on continue, you will be directed to another page. 
  4. They will ask for all your personal details on the next page, such as your name, date of birth, and address. 
  5.  They can ask for your Apple pay account details and get your card information. 
  6. They will make you fool and transfer all money into their account. 

Fake Apple Pay Invoice Text Message Scam

You might receive a message with an invoice of your purchase that you have not made. The fake message will contain the bill receipt. It will ask you to cancel or make the payment by logging in to your Apple Pay account.

Follow these steps to be safe from fake Invoices text messages-

  1. Warning! Do not click on the link if you have not made any purchases. 
  2. The link might contain some software that steals your personal information. 
  3. Do not log in through that link. Scammers will steal your Apple pay login ID and password. 
  4. Never log in to your account through any unknown browser. If you receive any message from Apple Pay, always log in from a genuine website or app. 

Fake Apple Pay Login Text Message Scams

Scammers will send you a message saying someone log in with your Apple ID and password. Click to view or change your password.

The message will also contain a link to change the password. Please do not click on the link because it will ask you to log in first to change the password. It’s a trick to steal your AApple Pay ID and password.

How To Avoid Apple Pay Scams?

  1. Do not click on the link when you receive any account suspension message. There can also be threats by even clicking on the link.
  2. When you get an apple pay message, directly log in to your Apple pay account. Check whether your account has some problem or not.
  3. Do not share your information and passcodes with anyone.
  4. Do not share information with any caller claiming himself as Apple pay customer support. 

Scammers can trick you with any text messages to steal your Apple Pay personal perforation. They might send you some gift cards or cashback offers. Do not log in through the links provided in the text messages on emails.