F1 2022 Wheel Settings: Calibration, Logitech G29

F1 2022

The Logitech G92 is one of the best on-budget wheels, and it is fully compatible with all the F1 2022 on all platforms.

In this blog, we have discussed all the potential wheel settings that you can use to smoothen your performance in the game.

We would normally suggest lowering the operating range to 360 degrees to mimic an F1 cast real steering lock. 

F1 2022 Wheel Settings

As we have already mentioned lowering the operating range to 360 degrees.

You certainly do not need the Logitech G Hub for this.

You can also change the setting in the game itself.

You can start off in the exact order mentioned below:

Calibration Settings

The first stop, once you are in F1 22, is to head over to the control’s vibration and force feedback settings.

Here we can calibrate our G92 as well as adjust the calibration settings.

The first you should do here is start the button test; here, you can check whether the steering brake and throttle are working correctly. 

Force Feedback Settings

In the same force feedback settings where you were earlier, you can tune the vibration and force feedback and increase their values for better results.

Wheelbase Settings

In order to change the wheelbase settings, all you have to do is tune the menu on your steering wheel.

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After doing so, you can easily control the settings directly from your wheel.

Logitech F1 2022 G29 Settings

The F1 22 is the latest model for F1, which was released quite recently, around the 30th of June, 2022.

This game provides the option of using either the Steering wheel or the Controller for the game, but it is suggested to use the Steering wheel rather than the controller for your F1 22.

Here are some of the best settings available for the Steering wheel for the Logitech G29 F1 22:

Vibration And Force Feedback

Force Feedback ensures that the grip of the tires on the surface of the track is in optimal condition.

In case the Force Feedback and Vibration setting are not set properly, you will feel a certain level of turbulence or vibration on a rough track.

Maximum Wheel Rotation (Supercars) 720 Degree
Wheel Damper 25
Vibration and Force Feedback On
Rumble Strip Effects 60
Vibration and Force Feedback Strength 75
Rumble Strip Effects 60
Off Track Effects 55
Maximum Wheel Rotation (F1 & F2) 360-degree
Understeer Enhance On

Calibration Setting

The optimal calibration setting option for F1 22 G29 would be to keep the Break Deadzone, Throttle Saturation, Throttle Linearity, Seering Saturation, and Steering Deadzone to 0.

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Also, you can use the Button Test Function to set the best pedal values.

Steering linearity 5
Throttle Linearity 0
Steering Dead zone 0
Brake Dead zone 1
Brake Saturation 20
Throttle saturation 0
Throttle Dead zone 2
Steering saturation 0
Brake Linearity 5

Button Settings

While you are setting the Buttons on your wheel, make sure that you have all the important settings at the closest distance possible so that you can reach out as quickly as possible.

Also, you will have to assign each button to a different function, so do not try to assign the same button to two different functions. 

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You do not need to use the Logitech G Hub for playing F1 22 on your Pc, but if you do, you now know which settings you have to tune in order to make the wheel move as swiftly as possible.

Make sure that you go through the list of all the best settings available for Logitech F1 22 G29 as listed above.

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