DNF Duel: How To Super?

DNF Duel 4

DNF Duel stands out as a full-on action game that is all about fighting with the opponents.

DNF Duel has many advanced and refined graphics and visuals that provide the user with a realistic experience of the game. 

DNF Duel can be played in practice mode, online mode, and collection mode. In this post, we have discussed one such feature, called Super in the game.

DNF Duel: How To Super?

DNF Duel has a feature called “Super,” which is also called the Awakening skill. This comes as a supreme attack that you can only carry out in your awakening state.

This awakening state is activated when your HP is descending. 

You can only activate this “Super” or awakening skill once you have made sure that you are awakened, and you can only do that by checking your HP bar, which must be red and flashing when you are awakened. 

Once you have checked and ensured that you are awakened, then you need to press the awakening skill button to activate the “Super” feature.

On Xbox, you can activate it by the left trigger, and PlayStation users can activate it by L2.  

Super skill is of utmost importance and significance as it is the ultimate feature that will allow you to win incredibly or can make you lose as well.

You should be well aware of its proper usage and should use it at the exact right time. 

If you hold it on for too long, it will lead you towards defeat, and if you use it too early, then it may totally change the results by putting the opponent in an awakened state. 

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DNF Duel is a fighting game that comes with new features and skills which enhance the fighting capability of a player. It makes you enjoy fighting and gives you a real edge of the same. 

The awakening skill or “Super” allows you to have an edge in fighting because it comes as a supreme and ultimate attack that you can carry out on the enemy. 

You can only use this skill once you are in an awakened state. But you should be well aware of how to utilize this skill at the perfect timing, which will help you win.