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DNF Duel is a fighting game that provides a realistic experience to the players which comes because of its advanced and refined graphics and visual experience. 

DNF Duel is a full-on action game that is all about fighting.

However, the game is new in the market, and hence, a lot of people are unaware of it.

Here, we have come up with some DNF Duel tips for you to stay ahead of other players. 

DNF Duel Tips

For beginners, these tips are very much necessary for them to get a hold of the game so that they can master DNF duel skillfully.

Moreover, these tips provide a base and an insight into the game, which lets you know and understand the game better.

Some tips for beginners are:

1. Know And Understand The Controls

DNF duel is a bit hard to take control of in terms of the fighting because it comes with four control or attack buttons that you have to understand and excel in.

These buttons are standard A, standard B, skill S, and MP skill button MS.

These buttons trigger to help the character perform a particular attack or action based on the special moves that they possess.

2. Master In Big And Powerful Attacks

DNF duel is a full-on fighting game that is all about action, and in this game, a player should get used to the big and powerful attacks that are done on them and should be able to carry out these attacks on others as well.

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3. Choose The Character That Suits You

Choosing the character that you like plays an important role in making you win the fight.

This is the first basic and big decision that you have to make, and this is the decision that is going to affect your fight immensely.

Pick the character that you find cool and interesting.

The character that you choose should match your style because that is what will keep you connected to the game. 

4. You Don’t Need To Learn The Inputs

It is not important in the DNF duel game to learn the inputs of all the things varying from moves to attacks and how to make these attacks.

Because these attacks can be formed using a single button, a button, or a directional input.

This makes it easier for tha players to gradually remember these inputs with time.

5. Keep An Eye On Mana Levels

The blue meter present on the upper right corner of your screen is called the mana meter or level, which is the basic resource of all the skills and moves that a player has to perform.

You have to maintain this mana meter because if it is overused, it may prove to be dangerous for you.

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For example, carrying out MP skills using motion input rather than single input requires less mana which maintains the mana level.

6. You Don’t Have To Be Too Defensive

You cannot always be defending yourself too much in a fight because when you are defending yourself, the shield that protects you from attacks breaks down at one point, making you vulnerable to attacks.

So, you need to invest more in attacking the opponents rather than defending yourself in a fight. 

7. You Can Get A Chance To Comeback

DNF Duel gives the players an advantage or benefit to have a comeback as whenever any player is losing his health, his mana meter increases which helps the player in many ways to make a powerful comeback in the fight.

So, you do not have to lose hope whenever you get unlucky in the game because DNF always gives its players a second chance to do better. 

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DNF duel is an interesting game that makes a player totally engaged in it due to its highly refined graphics and visuals.

To play a DNF duel, one should get to know about the tips which make him a better player and help him understand the game well. 

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Some of the tips that can be used in the DNF duel are; not to be too defensive, no need to learn the inputs, keep an eye on mana level, master big and powerful attacks, and choose the character that suits you.

These tips help a player get a good hold on the game, which will eventually lead him to master the game. 

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