DNF Duel Character List

DNF Duel

DNF due is a fighting, action game in 2.5 dimensions that gives you an extreme and realistic fighting experience.

There are a variety of characters from which you can choose your favorite one, and each character comes with its own skills, abilities, and specifications.

This game can be played in three modes; Practice mode, Online mode, and Collection mode. 

DND duel comes with a varied and diverse collection of ten characters from which you can choose the one you desire the most.

Each character comes with its distinct and unique abilities, skills, and functions.

The available characters in the DNF Duel game are:

1. DNF Duel Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight’s character comes with great potential, and she has got unique and distant movements that are unable to understand and decipher.

She can fly and send her dragon to bring the opponent or enemy to her and then fights with them. 

2. DNF Duel Kunoichi 

Kunoichi is one of the popular characters in the game, and she comes with exceptional movement mechanics.

Her overly-aggressive behavior and pressure are what contribute to her becoming a popular character.

3. DNF Duel Inquisitor

Inquisitor has also got some excellent skills but lacks in her punishing attach mechanics, which is relatively slow to other characters. 

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4. DNF Duel Hitman

Hitman comes with good combat skills both in close-quarters and range.

Hitman has got SMG locks and a scimitar using which he destroys the opponent from a distance.

His playstyle is different and hard, which makes him of the unique characters in the game and is also challenging. 

5. DNF Duel Crusader

Crusader is one of the unstoppable characters as he comes with great abilities, strength, defense, and range. 

6. DNF Duel Vanguard

Vanguard’s character resembles Inquisitor in many ways but apart from that he has got a good playstyle which is what makes him different from the Inquisitor.

7. DNF Duel Grappler

Grapher has got some strange and peculiar movement mechanics and playstyle.

He brings a lot of damage and destruction to the opponent but is not that good in close-range fighting.

8. DNF Duel Berserker

An all-rounder character who is very powerful and has got great skills in fighting, which leads him to win the matches.

Berserker has got the ability and power to alter his health for destroying the player and has got great aerial attack and spacing. 

9. DNF Duel Ranger

The Ranger character brings out a lot of damage with its unique somersaults, combos, popping shots, etc.

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He is a great zoning fighter who has got great skills. 

10. DNF Duel Striker

Striker comes with incredible hard-hitting moves and suffocates the opponent by applying a huge amount of pressure to them which is her unique way of attacking. 

DNF duel is a 2.5D fighting game that is full of action and has been released by Nexon on June 28, 2022. 

It provides a realistic experience of fighting to the players which because of its advanced graphics.

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There are a variety of almost ten characters that come with their own skills, functions, abilities, and powers.

The characters are Crusader, Striker, Inquisitor, Grappler, Ranger, Berserker, Vanguard, Hitman, Kunoichi, and Dragon Knight.

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