DNF Duel Controls

DNF Duel 4

DNF duel is an interesting and engaging game as it revolves around fighting, which makes it a full-on action game.

The players get to choose among the variety of characters who have got their distinct special moves and special MP moves, making them unique.

DNF Duel Controls

What makes DNF duel unique and interesting is its fighting combination and button layout.

Each character in the game has got its unique special moves and special MP moves which can be carried out using specific controls, and understanding these controls is what will help you to master the game.

Here are some controls that can be used in the DNF Duel game:

  • Backstep: Press the left arrow rapidly.
  • Grab Moves: Standard A and standard B or standard A, standard B, and left arrow.
  • Tech Grab: Press standard A and standard B during the grab.
  • Conversion: Standard B and skills.
  • Dodge: Press the right arrow during guarding.
  • Guard Cancel: Standard B and right arrow, and skills at the time of guarding.
  • Grounded Tech Roll: It gets activated automatically at the time of landing when being hit by airborne.
  • Airborne Tech Roll: It gets activated automatically once the stagger ends.

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This blog gives a detail about the controls in the game DNF duel, which allows the player to execute the actions and attacks because each and every player in the game comes with its own distinct special moves and special MP moves, which requires the understanding of basic controls.

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