Ding Ang Bato Challenge TikTok

TikTok challenge

TikTok is a social media platform where people create short videos for entertainment. TikTok has new trends every day which makes it fun for consumers of the content.

Users of TikTok will make anything popular by posing fresh challenges. There were so many challenges that they all started to trend on TikTok.

Users of Tik Tok like taking on challenges, and they often comply by sharing videos on the platform in an effort to gain fame and popularity.

The Ding Ang Bato Challenge is one of the challenges that has gained popularity recently.

Ding Ang Bato Challenge TikTok

“Ding, ang bato!” is one of the popular dialogues in the Darna movies, which later became famous and trending as a catchphrase. Lot of peoples making videos on Ding Ang Bato Challenge.

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Back Story Of Ding, Ang Bato!

According to Wikipedia, Darna is a Filipino superheroine created by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo.

The character’s first appearance was in Pilipino Komiks (Ace Publications, Inc.) #77 on May 13, 1950. Darna is a retooling of Ravelo’s earlier character, Varga, whose stories he wrote and illustrated himself. 

On May 31, 1951, Darna made a crossover from comics to cinema even before the comic book serial was finished. Royal Publications under Fernando Poe Sr. produced the first Darna film starring Rosa Del Rosario as Narda/Darna.

It was the last film directed by Fernando Poe Sr. Since then, a number of actresses and actors have portrayed the superheroine on both cinema and television.

Some made from 1973 onwards starred the future multi-awarded dramatic actress and politician Vilma Santos.

In this incarnation, Darna’s origin was changed. Narda herself became Darna, unlike the original in which she just “channeled” her.

The stone came out of Narda’s mouth every time she changes back and she had to swallow it every time she wanted to transform (a revision that became the standard for the following incarnations). Darna is not specified as coming from Marte and is mentioned simply as a “Warrior of Light”.

In this version, Narda was aged up from a child to her early teens, and only Ding was aware of her secret.

This version of Darna became most people’s idea of the character for about 3 decades. A catchphrase popularized by the films and said by Narda runs, “Ding, ang bato!