How To Delete Offerup Post

delete offerup post

Offerup is changing the marketplace scene by becoming the first virtual marketplace that offers customers to customers transactions.

The offerup app is available on all the leading platforms such as android, IOS, and its website on the internet.

The application brings out products to you based on the filters and the location. The idea behind this application is to allow customers to interact with customers directly.

Offerup has also developed safety features to ensure that no fraudulent or illegal activities take place between the customers through the Offerup medium.

The app allows your product to be lusted and appear on the feed of other users. If the product is liked by others then they can initiate the sale by messaging the seller.

Can You Delete The Offerup Post?

No, you can not delete an offerup post from your account. Only you can archive the post which will result unlist the post from search page.

How To Delete A Post On Offerup?

Steps To Delete A Post On Offerup:

Step 1: Open up Offer up on your phone

Step 2: The application will open up and show you its homepage. On the homepage, you need to open the offers section. You can locate this section by its icon of a price card.

Step 3: After selecting the offers option you will be directed to the page where you will be able to see the offer on your account. Select Selling here.

Step 4: Now select the product you want to delete.

Step 5: As you select the product you will see three dots. Select these three dots

Step 6: After selecting you to see a menu. From the menu select the option of the archive. 

Step 7: By archiving you can remove the post from your profile and it will not be visible to others.

How To Delete A Post On Offerup On Iphone?

Steps To Delete A Post On Offerup On Iphone:

Step 1: Open the Offerup App on your device.

Step 2: After opening Offerup select the “offer” option which can be seen at bottom of the page. This option will be in the shape of a price card. 

Step 3: You will see a list of items that you have posted and select the item that you want to delete.

Step 4: Selecting the three dots near the item will help you open up a menu that will give you options for further actions.

Step 5: Select the option of archiving from this menu.

Step 6: This will remove the post from your account and the post won’t be available to the public in general. 

What Is An Archive On Offerup?

Archive posts are not deleted from the profile but they are hidden from the public. Users may organize their things and keep track of their sales by archiving the posts.

Every article and any associated communications are transferred towards the Archive tab if the user archive a product from the Sales tab.

When an item is archived, OfferUp instantly unlists it, ending the offer and removing it from subsequent search queries.

How To Delete Archived Posts On Offerup?

Steps To Delete Archived Posts On Offerup:

Step 1: Open the Offerup app on your phone.

Step 2: You will be directed to the homepage. Now here open the profile option which is available in the right top corner.

Step 3: Open this profile to see a list of options. From this list select the option of “my offers”

Step 4: This will open the list of all the offers that you have put up for buying as well as selling.

Step 5: On this page make sure you are seeing the selling options. Herein you will see the archives option on the right side of the page.

Step 6: Click on the archive to see the list of products that have been archived.

Step 7: Select the product you want to delete by choosing the edit option available.

Step 8: This selection will show you the option of deleting the post.

Step 9: Select this option and your post will be removed from the archive.

How To Delete Pictures From Offerup?

To delete the pictures of any item on your offerup account you must edit the existing post.

Steps To Delete Pictures From Offerup:

Step 1: After opening the Offerup app select the offers option which will be visible as a price tag.

Step 2: This will direct you to the option for the items you are selling. Herein select the item you want to edit from the available list.

Step 3: After selecting the item, you will get the details. Select the option of Editing given on the page.

Step 4: After selecting this option you will be able to delete the picture from your post. 

Note: it is mandatory to add at least 2 pictures for your product. You cannot delete all the pictures from a post.

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Offerup is reaching great popularity amongst customers. This marketplace saves the user from the burden of a middleman.

The customers interact with each other and negotiate based on their skills. 

Offerup is designed to ensure that customers find the application easy to use making their process of buying and selling very comfortable.

The process of deleting and archiving is very user-friendly and if you want to breeze easily through all this follow the tips written in the post.