How To Charge PS4 Controller Without PS4?

how to charge ps4 controller without ps4

PS4, also known as PlayStation 4, is a video gaming console launched for home setups. This was launched by Sony in 2013. This is the successor model of the earlier launched PS3- PlayStation 3. 

The PlayStation 4’s controller is the DualShock 4 controller. The main attraction of this controller is its touchpad which is quite the favorite feature.

In this article, we tried to solve all your queries related to PS4 and its controller. We hope you find the answer you are looking for.

How To Charge PS4 Controller Without PS4?

You can charge ps4 controller of yours with a suitable USB cable by connecting the USB cable to a power source that could be any USB port, PS4 docking station, or any other docking station.

You can even charge ps4 controller with the help of a Samsung fast charger. You just need an adequate power supply. 

Are There Other Ways To Charge A PS4 Controller?

Yes. There are other ways to charge ps4 controller other than connecting it to the console. The other ways include using a USB cable and connecting it to a USB port or docking station.

You can also use the Samsung fast charger to charge ps4 controller without the help of the console. 

Can You Charge A PS4 Controller With A Phone Charger?

Yes, You can charge ps4 controller with a phone charger. But the phone charger should be original or of some good quality.

The chargers should preferably be fast chargers so as to charge the controller as fast as possible.

The cheap and bad quality chargers also charge the controllers, but they also put in some damage over time.

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Can You Charge A PS4 Controller From A Wall Outlet?

Yes. You can charge ps4 controller from a wall outlet. You need two things for charging ps4 controller through this process: a Standard Micro USB cable and an AC Adapter. 

To charge your PS4 controller from a wall outlet, follow the given steps:

  1. Plug the micro USB cable into the port of ps4 controller available to you.
  2. Plug the other end into the AC adapter. 
  3. Now, put the AC adapter into a  wall outlet that is open.

Can PS4 Controllers Charge Wirelessly?

Yes. You can charge ps4 controller wirelessly using a wireless charging mat. These are usually very compact and portable, making the wireless charging of ps4 controllers so efficient. 

Can You Charge My PS4 Controller With Any USB?

No. You cannot charge ps4 controller with any USB. There are some kinds of USB cords that can be used to charge your PlayStation controller, and those are Micro-B to USB 2.0/3.0 cables.

These can be used to charge the DualShock 4 controller. 

Can You Charge The PS4 Controller With The Laptop?

Yes. You can charge ps4 controller by connecting it to a laptop. You can connect it to the laptop and charge it using a USB cord that seems suitable according to your controller and laptop. 

Although some people might believe that charging their PS4 controller using a laptop may have some prolonged adverse effects on the controller and laptop itself, it might work for some people and might not for others. 

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This article was made to clear all your queries related to the PlayStation 4 and its chargers.

Although there are alternative ways to charge ps4 controller available to you, it is advised to only use good quality and fast chargers in order to keep the battery life of the controller healthy for a long time.

We hope we were able to clear things in your mind related to the PS4, its controller, and charging. If you still feel some doubts, you can always visit the support section on the Play Station’s website.