How To Change Name In Electricity Bill?

change name in electricity bill

A change in the name of the previous electricity bill holder can take place because of many reasons. It may be due to shifting house, sale of property, death of the previous holder of the bill to their legal heir, or even due to the transfer of the change of ownership to other members due to other reasons as well.

Changing the electricity holder’s name can be a simple task but it might take quite some time. There are various documents that you will be required for the completion of the process.

To begin let’s start with the procedure one must follow for properly transferring the ownership of the electricity bills in light of this.

Steps To Change Name In Electricity Bill

  • Step 1: Visit your nearby electricity board office. You can request an application form to change the name on your electricity bill. Depending on the form, you may need to pay a fee.
  • Step 2: You must apply along with the required documents to the relevant office. 
  • Step 3: Once you have submitted your documents and application form, they will be verified by the authorities.
  • Step 4: You might be asked to pay a charge when the verification procedure is completed.
  • Step 5: Your application will be processed internally in the next step, and a lineman will be sent to your address. 
  • Step 6: The lineman will inquire about the meter settings as mentioned by you. After the confirmation, the electricity bill name will be transferred to you. 

One must keep in mind that the documentation and procedure may have slight changes depending on the electrician board office. So, make sure you pay a visit to the electrical authorities to avoid facing any such issue. Try to ensure that you have all the necessary documents beforehand to avoid chaos.  

Documents Required to Change the Name in The Electricity Bill 

To change the name on the electricity bill various documents will be required. 

Once you have completed them, you can submit them to the relevant authorities. It is an easy process but you will have to submit all the necessary documents, the documentation is as follows: 

  • Customer Identification Numbers (such as Consumer Numbers, CA Numbers, and Account Numbers, are used to identify customers). It will be mentioned on your previous bills. 
  • A copy as well as an original electricity bill. 
  • Authentic a copy of the property’s selling document to verify ownership.
  • A copy of the most recent tax receipt of the property.
  • Aadhar Card
  • Attested copies of your residence and proof of identification.
  • An indemnity bond on a stamp paper. (You can collect this from any notary office)
  • NOC provided by the previous owner.
  • Any other documentation that the relevant authorities have particularly requested.

To Sum Up

Changing your electricity bill holder’s name is one of the important tasks if you are changing households. Although it is a very simple process and won’t make much time to be processed once you have collected all the necessary documents.

To complete the required documents, you may have to visit different offices, such as the electricity board office as well as a notary office. However, once your documents are verified, the bill holder’s name will be easily transferred and processed. 


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