Is CoinDCX Safe and legal?

Is coinDCX legal and safe

CoinDCX is widely regarded as one of India’s most secure cryptocurrency exchanges. The funds must be kept secure. The cryptocurrency market is delicate, unpredictable, and irrational at times.

They have strong security measures in place to protect your funds. So you can trade worry-free. They also keep our servers on high availability through hot-swappable redundant components. This ensures that only our users’ data is compromised whereas their funds remain safe.

CoinDCX is a crypto-exchange platform established in India. It was created with the intention of being one of India’s most secure cryptocurrency exchanges.

Because the crypto market fluctuates, it’s critical to safeguard your cash.And any intra-exchange issues can lead to a major loss. With CoinDCX they strive to make an investor free from such issues and feel safe about their trades.

CoinDCX is a new age cryptocurrency exchange with a unique motto. Consisting of a team from IIT, IIM and cryptographers, CoinDCX’s sole aim is to ensure safety.

And also its security of funds on its platform. In preserving this mantra, CoinDCX has also employed the two-factor authentications for stronger security. Which no other exchange in India has done so far.

With the safety of its large investor base in mind, CoinDCX launched multiple security features. That provides cryptocurrency investors safety while trading on their exchange.

These features include 2-Factor Authentication, Encrypted SSL connectivity, cold storage of crypto reserves. And also  24/7 dedicated server monitoring making it one of India’s safest cryptocurrency exchanges.

CoinDCX is a secure cryptocurrency exchange that has safety measures to protect its users’ money. The platform puts safety, transparency, & trust above all else. With features such as low fees, 24×7 customer service, and payment processing at multiple levels.

The exchange provides a seamless experience for those to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies safely. Best fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency – CoinDCX’s safe and easy to use. This  platform ensures that your funds will always remain safe. It is 100% legal and safe.

Is CoinDCX legal in India? 

Yes, CoinDCX is legal in India and safe to use. To provide a reliable service throughout India, They have established servers in Mumbai and Delhi. The company that controls the dashboard for this system is registered in India. They also accept INR as payment.

CoinDCX is the cryptocurrency exchange in India with ISO certification. Which makes it safe to use. It accepts payments via all major payment networks including Visa, Mastercard and Bank Transfer. With CoinDCX you can buy or sell any of 140+ cryptocurrencies instantly.

CoinDCX has over 35 lakh registered members across the world, of which two-thirds reside in India. The CoinDCX team seeks to enable crypto trading on an unmatched global scale, making use of Singapore’s sophisticated banking infrastructure.

CoinDCX is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in April 2018 by a team of IIT graduates. Their motive is to provide a platform for the new generation of cryptocurrencies with trading experience. That will be simple, intuitive and secure.

They have been built from scratch using best practices from major financial institutions. That  has been designed to eliminate the challenges associated with trading cryptocurrencies. In this fast-growing industry, CoinDCX has been striving to achieve global adoption for cryptocurrencies.

CoinDCX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform built for creating optimal trading conditions. This platform is created for cryptocurrency users who look forward to trading cryptocurrencies in a simplified, secure and trustless ecosystem. CoinDCX is a secure, simple and trustworthy platform for trading digital assets.

Why is CoinDCX considered the Safest Bitcoin Exchange?

CoinDCX is India’s first registered cryptocurrency exchange that complies with the Payment Services Regulations. The platform has many impenetrable security features.  These features include cryptographic vaults, offline cold storage, and advanced encryption for protecting XRP wallets. A unique digital fingerprint of each user.

Which is combined with advanced algorithms ensures trade transactions are free from any form of threats related to hacks or phishing. User wallets are backed by CoinDCX’s robust security protocols, making it one of the most secure trading platforms in India.

CoinDCX has become the go-to destination for crypto traders across the globe owing to its currency exchange feature, easy login process, and user-friendly approach.

One of the main reasons why it is favoured amongst users is that each account is secured with a two-factor authentication. The (2FA) process which helps prevent unauthorized access or increased security for your account.

CoinDCX offers a high level of security and reliability. With the latest cryptographic technologies to keep users’ funds safe. The exchange uses a PGP encrypted SSL connection to ensure its database is secure from hacking.

In addition, CoinDCX also encrypts accounts using Google Authenticator. Ensuring that accounts are protected from even those with malicious intent. This feature is essential as cryptocurrencies are susceptible to theft.

CoinDCX offers users, who are accustomed to the use of conventional instruments such as stocks, Forex, CFDs, and ETFs, an opportunity to delve into cryptocurrency trading. The advanced trading platform of CoinDCX ensures that investors remain protected from any sort of fraud or financial loss.

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Features of CoinDCX

Secure Wallet 

All wallets and funds are completely safe. 98% of CoinDCX’s funds are held in geographically distributed multi-signature cold wallets. The funds in hot wallets are backed by multiple signatures from members of the CoinDCX executive team as well as BitGo, a leader in cryptocurrency security.

They have been expecting world-class crypto security from CoinDCX. CoinDCX’s secure and reliable multi-signature cold wallets feature multi-factor authentication, wallet aliases, and a self-destruct mechanism that wipes the server clean of your wallet keys in case of a security breach.

CoinDCX is integrated with BitGo i2 Application Security, a leader in multi-sig technology to ensure the highest level of security. Further, 98% of funds are held in geographically distributed cold wallets for seamless user experience and absolute security. They will surely continue to innovate and improve our services to provide the highest possible security standards.

24×7 support

CoinDCX has always been at its customer’s disposal even after its cutoff time by taking care of the customers through the ticket system. With a specialized team for technical assistance, CoinDCX provides 24×7 support for expert assistance with issues regarding deposits, withdrawals and trading.

CoinDCX was born out of an internal challenge between us which we felt we could solve and make a difference to the biggest challenge in the market – More people want to trade and invest their digital assets but they lack support and tools. Our 24×7 support team shall help you over any challenges that you face while trading on exchanges or storing your digital assets.

Zero fee

There are other crypto exchanges, but the CoinDCX token exchange app makes them all look like kindergarten kids. The CoinDCX app charges zero fees on withdrawals and deposits, you heard it right! So, you can now send and receive your cryptos for free, instantly, and securely all at once. Sounds too good? Amazing right? Indeed.

You can now buy, sell, send, and receive cryptocurrency for free through the CoinDCX app. You can get instantly verified using a quick KYC process, anytime day or night.

This instant transfer has never been this fast! Need to withdraw your funds? No worries! Withdrawal happens at the speed of light! Plus, there are no fees on deposits so you can conveniently deposit funds to your wallets at all times of the day.