How To Change Country In Sweatcoin App?

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Sweatcoin is a new kind of step counter and activity tracker, you can turn your steps into money to buy equipment for sports and fitness, services, and experiences.

Sweatcoin tracks your steps and uses their verification technology to validate them.

Your steps are exchanged into sweatcoins. 

These sweatcoins can then be used in the app’s “spend” section for purchases.

Sweatcoin will monitor your steps as a pacer and distance tracker in the background while using zero power.

However, Some users facing issue in Sweatcoin app as they are not able to change the country or store location.

In this article we will explain how to change country or store location in Sweatcoin app.

How To Change Country In Sweatcoin App?

Steps to Change Country in Sweatcoin App:

Step 1: Open the Sweatcoin App

Step 2: Now, Under Shop tab you will see option for changing the country.

Step 3: Tap on “Change” button to change country.

Step 4: Select Your country from drop down

Step 5: Tap on “Confirm Country Selection

Step 6: Your Sweatcoin Marketplace will be successfully changed.

Change Country in Sweatcoin App

If you have changed the country once then you will not able to see this option of changing the country.

After changing the country once, if you again want to change then you contact Sweatcoin support team.

You can email Sweatcoin support team at [email protected].

Make sure you send from email ID which is linked to your Sweatcoin account.

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