CFL Reporting System

CFL reporting system

CFL (Capital First login) Reporting System IDFC is a joint venture from two big leading financial companies in India. Capital First and IDFC bank merged taking IDFC First bank. The capital first company is a loan providing company While IDFC bank is a Finance related company.

Now, IDFC First bank together invests / Provides loans for developmental projects like Infrastructure, Investment banking, etc. It is a kind of website which lends loans, tracks, notifies future loan installments, and does collection and processing of payment errorlessly. 

CFL Reporting System Link

Capital First is a leading financial company in India. After Merging with IDFC bank becoming IDFC First bank it has a common reporting link. The link is

This link will take you to the login page and then you can log in and report things into your Capital first account. 

CFL ENcollect

ENcollect is a special application made for finance-related companies and banks. It makes the collection of payment activities easier. It collects the payment, registers, and records the entire details of the transaction automatically.

All the payment collection data is organized and stored in a single application. It makes the process of collecting and recording the payment procedure efficient, errorless, easier, and faster. It records all the data according to the account number so the transaction can be reflected in the bank account of the customer automatically.

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All the due amounts can be checked and notified beforehand only. It helps in the smooth processing of the entire process right from notifying the amount due to collecting money to storing the entire data of the process in a detailed format that also without any errors.

IDFC Quick Pay

It is a net banking kind of application only for payments of overdue loan installments. IDFC Quick pay is an online service that helps you to make overdue payments of your loans from your bank account to your respective person’s bank account.

It is similar to any other payments app like Google pay, PhonePe, and is easier too. You can make your loan overdue payments from any place within your own comfort. You can do the payments either via direct bank account transfer or transferring through a mobile number linked to the bank account.

This app can only be used by IDFC First Bank account holders that are people who took loans from IDFC First bank. It is the first online application made by IDFC Fierst bank for payment of loan installments.

CFL Reporting System Login

  1. Go to IDFC First bank Official website 
  2. A Login page will open.
  3. Enter your User name and password.
  4. Enter the captcha given.
  5. Click on the login option.
  6. You will be logged in to your account. 
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Capital First Login Reporting system is majorly based around loan-related services and products. It processes the applications of loans, gives information about interest and EMIs, lends the loans, collects the payment, and systematically organizes everything.

So, If you want to take a loan from IDFC First bank then you surely need to know all the above things thoroughly. 

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