Bajaj Finance Lot Size Of Future & Option

Bajaj Finance is an Indian Financial company and part of Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited that was founded in May 2007 by Jamnalal Bajaj. Bajaj Finance headquarter is in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Bajaj Finance’s key products include Insurance, credit cards, mutual fund, mortgage loans, investment management.

The concept of lot size is useful to determine the number of shares being bought at the specified price. The data point allows for transparency in the stock market and helps regulate the prices of a share. 

Bajaj Finance Share Lot Size

Stock NameLot SizeFuture Lot SizeOption Lot SizeSymbol
Bajaj Finance Limited125125125BAJFINANCE

What Is Lot Size?

In general terms, lot size refers to the number of items ordered by a party for manufacturing. Similarly, the concept is applied to the share market as the bulk purchase of shares is called Share Lot Size. 

How Is Lot Size Determined?

The lot size is determined by the value of the shares based on which You can add the number of units. Every range of the share lot size is fixed by a central authority like NSE (National Stock Exchange), SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India).

How To Know The Lot Size Of The Share?

The lot size of the share is decided based on the overall value. An investor can multiply the number of shares by the price an individual bought them for. 

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Note: Keep up to date with the new revisions around lot sizes and their value determination.

Does The Lot Size Of A Share Change?

Yes, the lot size of a share is ever-changing and is revised based on the new market /price analysis.

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