What Is Cash Credit & How Does Cash Credit Work?

Cash Credit

Investment is needed to start a business, and after investing is all finished setting the industry, what will the company do? The company needs a loan to extend and run its business, but it cannot pay high interest. Even some don’t know the exact amount of loan they will need so that that company’s cash credit is the best loan facility provided by numerous brands.

Let’s learn more about cash credit, its benefits, and how it works in this article. 

What Is Cash Credit?

Cash credit is a short-term loan facility provided to businesses by the bank, and it is the source of working capital financing. Companies can borrow money from the bank without keeping the credit balance in their account. They must pay the interest of the borrowed loan, and there is no money charged on exceeding the borrowing limit. Interest will only be applied on loans borrowed, not on the total amount of borrowing.

How Does Cash Credit Work?

Cash credit is a loan provided for a shorter time to utilize for the company’s financial needs. The bank agrees with the company where all the features of the loan are mentioned. The company reads all the terms and conditions and then signs and agrees to the cash credit. 

They will give the company credit of their current amount to withdraw money from it and utilize it for their business use and pay the interest only of the borrowed team. The company can withdraw money from a current account with the limit decided in the agreement.

The bank provides a cash credit loan to a company working at least three years in the market. The loan borrower company can get a loan only if they submit collateral security to the bank. 

The interest rate depends on the collateral security, and the records of the company are checked. Then, the lender provides the loan to the borrower after judging and verifying all the firm’s documents. The reputation of the company and the loan repayment record should be good.

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Benefits Of Cash Credit

  1. Cash credit borrowing is best for start-up businesses. Firms can use the money to maintain the inventory, purchase raw materials, maintain the storage facility, give salaries to employees, and pay the office rent or any warehouse.
  2. The cash credit will help the companies expand their business through the loan and buy new types of machinery with the help of the borrowed money.
  3. The company can pay the interest through EMIs and pay the borrowed amount at the end of the loan tenor. The bank accepts the commercial or residential, or any other property as collateral security.
  4. Interest is charged only on the daily borrowing amount, not on the total borrowed amount. The period to borrow money is maximum of 12 months.
  5. They do not have to worry about liquidity problems, and cash credit is an important source of working capital financing. There is the flexibility of depositing and withdrawing.
  6. Companies can easily arrange capital by cash credit facility provided by the bank to the borrowers. The lenders take collateral security from the borrowers to provide them a cash credit facility.
  7. Company will not have to pay the whole amount borrowed and have to pay the interest. It is beneficial because some companies take a loan from banks on their properties and pay the interest of the total loan amount, which can be difficult for the borrower to pay.
  8. The tax is not subtracted from the interest, so borrowers do not have to pay any tax on the interest of the borrowed money.
  9. Cash credit loan is available for all firms such as partnership firms, limited liability companies, or public limited companies.

What Is Cash Credit Limit?

The bank’s cash credit limit is the limit that the firm can withdraw and will have to pay after the loan period gets over. The borrowers have different cash limits according to the decided amount by the bank mentioned in the agreement. The borrowing limit depends on the need of the borrower and the agreement with the bank. 

Different banks have different and a variety of cash credit loans available for the borrower. Some banks provide 30 to 40% of the amount from the amount applied to borrow. For example, you have applied for 5 lakh cash credit, then only 2 to 3 lakhs is your cash credit limit to withdraw.

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What Is The Difference Between Cash Credit And Overdraft?

Cash CreditOverdraft
It is a short-term loan provided by the bank for a year.Overdraft loans are for a shorter period than cash credit loans provided by the bank.
The companies can use the credit cash for business needs and requirements.The person can use the overdraft loan for personal and business needs and requirements.
The cash credit loan depends upon the stock volume and inventory.The overdraft depends on the financial statements and security deposits. The repayment Can be made by depositing money in the bank
A firm can use this loan to buy raw materials, machinery or give salaries to employees, etc.After withdrawing all money from the bank and the account reaches zero, the borrower can still borrow the money for use.

Final Thoughts

Cash credit is beneficial for companies running a small-scale business and willing to extend it and make it a large-scale industry. Many companies are growing their businesses with the help of cash credit loans and paying the interest without any hassle as they have to pay for the borrowed money only. Cash credit is the best option for companies that need money to invest to grow their business.


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