Canara Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Canara Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Canara Bank was founded in 1906 by Ammembal Subba Rao Pai at Mangalore, Karnataka. He started it with the idea of bringing social and economic reform into the country.

Over a century in both the private and nationalized era Canara has been a force for good. 

The titan of a banking institution is not done just yet as they have been building Cash Deposit Machine facilities across the country.

These automated machines promise to make your life easier by making depositing as simple as withdrawing from ATM.

This article will go how you can find a Canara Bank Cash Deposit Machine near you.  

Canara Bank Cash Deposit Machine Near Me

Steps to find Canara Bank Cash Deposit Machine(CDM) Near Me:

  • Step 1: Go to official Website of Canara Bank
  • Step 2: On the right middle side of the screen, you will see five pop up menus.
  • Step 3: However on the contact section of the menu and select bank locations.
  • Step 4: Select branch details in the locator menu.
  • Step 5: Wait for 5 seconds as the next menu pops up, narrowing down the search.
  • Step 6: Keep going down the list, making selections until the “Branch Name/Admin Unit* option show7 up.
  • Step 8: Enter your Area Pin Code and click on the “View” option,
  • Step 9: You will see a list of Canara Bank branches in your area.
  • Step 10: Click on them and call them to ask whether they have a CDM machine there or not.


Not every Canara Bank branch has a CDM machine only a selected few possess them.

Direct link for Canara Bank CDM Locator: LINK

Canara Bank CDM Deposit Limit

If you are making a cardless deposit, then you can only put Rs 49,990/- only.

If you are doing a deposit using the debit card, then you can put up to 2,00,000/-only  

Canara Bank CDM facilities are still a work in progress, but they are highly exciting for its customers.

This facility will expand significantly over the next few years, with the demand for automated services going through the roof. CDMs are the next evolution of banking, and they can be helpful to decongest the branches.

Canara Bank CDM Charges

  • In Canara Bank, there is no charge on deposit cash through CDM up to 3 times for savings accounts. 
  • But, after three transactions in a month, it charges Rs 50 plus GST 18% on each deposit. Unlike the other banks, it doesn’t charge on an amount basis. Instead, its charges are based on per deposit through CDM.

What is the Quality of Denominations that one should enter?

Ideally it should be pristine, and the notes should be crisp. However, CDM’s will accept currency to a certain level of degradation below that it will reject it.

What are the charges that apply to the Canara CDM?

Canara Bank has issued that general cash handling charges will be applied when using CDM. Check out the service charges at this section – 36.


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