What Are Bulk Charges In Indian Bank?

bulk charges in Indian Bank

As an Indian Bank customer, you might have noticed that a small fee is levied in your account infrequently. It might confuse some as to what these charges are?

And why is it being levied to them? This article gives you a breakdown of the Bulk charges and how to avoid them.

What Is Bulk Charges In Indian Banks?

Bulk charges are essentially small fees, aka charges being levied by the Indian bank for the services it provides. They can be of a wide variety, from net banking to managing large lump sum money transactions.  

Bulk Charges In Indian Banks

SMS Charges

Registering your mobile number is mandatory in Indian Bank. A customer can get OTP, account updates and net banking are all free.

However, if you use the SMS functionality actively for credit/ debit transactions, a charge of 15rs every quarter is levied. 

Atm Charges

If you’re using the Indian Bank ATM, there are no charges placed on you. However, if you are doing cash transactions in other banks, a fee is charged to you. The Indian Bank provides a free transaction threshold to its customers. 

1)You can do three free transactions in the Metro cities and five in Non-metro areas. 

2)Post that you will be charged 20 rs per cash transaction and 10rs for other banking services. 

Payment Gateway Charges

  1. Railway booking in the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation(IRCTC) will cost Rs 10 per transaction.
  2. Tamil Nadu Electrical Board(TNEB) Transactions- You will be charged 5 rupees on a bill up to 500 rs. Going above the 500 rs transaction, you will be charged 10rs.
  3. If you’re using the payment method on a merchant website, you will be charged 5 rs.

Debit Cards Charges

1)Master Card (International): You will be charged 100rs every month plus taxes for cash withdrawals. When dealing with non-cash transactions, you will be charged 20 rs plus taxes. 

2)Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC): The first year AMC is free for all the Indian Bank debit card-holding customers. The second-year charges are as follows-

Types of IB Debit CardsAMC charges(Inclusive of taxes)
MAESTRO Debit Card115 Rs
MASTERCard Debit Card115 Rs
Normal RuPay Cards (excluding Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana)
115 rs

How To Avoid Bulk Charges?

  • Avoid making too many cash withdrawals in a month. If possible, try to go to a metro region to get ATM transactions done.
  • Avoid using SMS facilities to do transactions; instead, use Mobile or Net banking.
  • Don’t use an International card if most of the transactions are done domestically.
  • Avoid making large cash transactions to avoid cash handling charges.

Bulk charges are part and parcel of the banking system. However, they can quickly add up. So it’s important to be aware of these service charges to avoid them smartly. Now whenever you see some rogue debit, you will know what it is for.


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