15 Best Profitable Franchise In India 2021

The franchise business model is highly accepted among people as it offers exclusive benefits to the organizations by developing job opportunities.

Best Franchise In India

If you are not satisfied with your 9 to 5 job, a franchise business is the best to start. It’s an excellent business model with numerous benefits that makes you earn more in a short period of time. However, if you talk about the best franchise in India, you can find many as India is a hub of MNCs. 

Profitable Franchise Business – Introduction

The franchise business model is highly accepted among people as it offers exclusive benefits to the organizations by developing job opportunities. In the franchise business model, you can tenure any international brand by investing a sum of money under specific terms and conditions.

Plus, it’s a low-risk business type where you don’t need to spend for branding, advertising, and marketing as the franchise business already has a grip in the market with a base of loyal customers. 

As we all know, every coin has two faces. Similarly, the franchise business model has some benefits and drawbacks. So, before exploring the article, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages. 

If you are searching for the best franchise in India, this article would be helpful as we drafted a list of top companies that bring opportunities to start a franchise business in India. So, let’s scroll down and find out the best!

15 Best Profitable Franchise Businesses in India

1. Amul – Profitable Franchise


Amul is India’s top indigenous brand established in 1946 and started distributing its franchise in 2000. It offers a great opportunity to start a profitable business with low investments. However, it makes India the top milk provider worldwide and rapidly grows as the best franchise in India. In contemporary times, it has more than 2500 franchise units that are spreading its name worldwide. 

You can easily apply for the Amul franchise in a low investment starting from 2-6 lakhs and gain high revenue within a span of time. Officially it declared that you could earn 5-10 lakh in a month depending upon the location of your Amul franchise.

Plus, it offers different franchises such as Amul parlour and Amul Kiosk (Amul Railway Parlour) with a specific area requirement. It seeks a 100 to 300 sq. ft area with a decorative and air-conditioned space. So, it can be a great and profitable deal to start a franchise business.  

  • Area Required for Amul franchise business: 100-300 square feet
  • Total Investment for Amul franchise business: 2-6 lakh

2. KFC – Most Profitable Franchise


KFC refers to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it’s a USA-based company started in 1939, and now it has over 20000 branches globally. It’s a well-established name in India that offers a variety of chicken items. Plus, it gained a reputable position globally by listing itself in the 201 ranks among the top 500 companies. 

People highly trust this brand because of its quality products and finger-licking taste. It’s the best franchise in India that immensely benefits you in several ways. Starting a franchise of KFC is highly expensive as compared to others as here you need to invest 1-2 crore (including various service charges) with 1,000 – 1,500 Square feet area in a good location. If you fulfil all the criteria and their guidelines, there’s no franchise better than KFC that makes you earn massively in a shorter time. 

  • Area Required for KFC franchise business: 1000 – 1500 Square feet
  • Total Investment for KFC franchise business: 1-2crore

3. Domino’s Pizza

Dominos Pizza

It’s a top restaurant known for delicious pizzas in many varieties. It is an American company launched in 1960 and has become a leading franchise model in India with more than 500 entities. It’s the world’s largest pizza delivery chain with excellent customer service. 

Moreover, Pizza hut is a top rival of Domino’s, and there’s great competition in the food industry, but despite all the challenges, Domino’s gains a leading position in the 700 countries because of its unique taste and delivery services. For starting Domino’s franchise, you would need to invest 65 lakh-2crore with a 1500 Sq Ft space or it can vary depending upon the type of the store. It provides all the training of management services and can change the franchise products as per the time. It’s the best franchise in India to start that offers maximum profit with no business risk. 

  • Area required for Domino’s Pizza franchise business: 1000-1500 square feet (depending upon the store type)
  • Total investment for Domino’s Pizza franchise business: 65 lakh-2 crores and 30-50 lakh for traditional store

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DTDC is the oldest and reliable courier brand in India, working from 1990, and now it has 5800 operating channels worldwide. It offers national and international parcel and logistic distribution services. 

Starting a franchise of DTDC is easy in India as you can start it with a minimum investment of 75000 for a 75 sq. ft. area, and it can vary depending upon the location. Additionally, the DTDC franchise is categorized into three categories in which you need to invest separately, and there’s no need for well-facilitated space. You can also start a DTDC business in a 10X10 room without any advanced application procedure. 

  • Area required for DTDC franchise business: Ground floor area starts from 250 sq. feet
  • Total investment for DTDC franchise business: 50000-150000 INR

5. KidZee


KidZee is Asia’s top preschool franchise brand that has spread its wings rapidly in India in the education sector. It has more than 1900 centres moving in more than 700 countries. It started in 2003 and expanded its franchise growth over the last 14 years. 

It’s one of the best franchises to start in India with a minimum investment of 12 lakh and 2000-3000 sq ft area. Plus, it ranked under the 100 top franchise models and was awarded as the best preschool brand in 2018. Thus, it will be great to invest in the KidZee franchise. 

  • Area required for KidZee franchise business:  2000 – 3000 sq. ft
  • Total investment for KidZee franchise business: 12-15 lakh

6. Café Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

You might know this brand by the name of CCD; it’s the first choice of coffee lovers as it offers a unique taste of coffee. It’s prominently known for its tagline, “A lot can happen over coffee,” and the fantastic taste of coffee. 

Operating franchise business in India for a while, they established an authentic brand name in the market. Their growing chain proved that it’s not just famous for coffee, drinks, and snacks but also for great service and desirable taste that fits with all taste buds. You can simply take the franchise of CCD by investing 10 lakhs and a space of 1000-1500 square feet. 

  • Area required for Café Coffee Day franchise business: Ground floor area with 1000-1500 square feet
  • Total investment for Café Coffee Day franchise business: 5-10 lakh, Brand Fee: 50000

7. Dr. Lal Pathlabs

Dr Lal Pathlabs

Dr. Lal Pathlabs is the top diagnostic services provider founded in 1950 and rapidly growing in the whole world. It’s been working in this industry for 60 years and is highly known for excellent and affordable pathology services. It offers a wide range of services, including radiology testing, lab staff training, pathology testing, lab management services, quality assurance program in countries like UAE, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and many more. 

Taking the franchise of Dr. Lal Pathlabs is easy as it requires a minimum of 3 lakhs of investment and 200-250 square feet of area on the ground floor with toilets and other service facilities. It’s a profitable franchise as you can easily earn more than 1 lakh in a month. 

  • Area required for Dr. Lal Pathlabs franchise business: 200-250 square feet
  • Total investment for Dr. Lal Pathlabs franchise business: 3-4 lakh

8. Patanjali – Most Profitable Franchise Business


Patanjali is an emerging brand in India that gains a high reputation in the market within a couple of years. It’s also an indigenous brand founded by Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkishan in 2006. It’s the only company that earned 200 crores of revenue in a short period. Initially, they started with herbal and ayurvedic products, and with rapid growth, they exceed the brand by providing healthcare products, grocery items, beauty products, and much more. 

It’s the best franchise in India that can be started in a minimum 500 sq ft area in various locations. Its investment rate depends upon its store type, and to start a Patanjali store; you should have a minimum of 7 lakh of budget. The investment rate can be different as per the type of the store. Now, it has become a global brand featuring herbal and Ayurveda benefits. Thus, it’s good to consider Patanjali to start a franchise business. 

  • Area required for Patanjali franchise business: 300-1000 sq ft.,1200 square feet for a mega store.
  • Total investment for Patanjali franchise business: 7 lakh- 2 crore. 50-70 lakhs for megastores.

9. Batra’s Clinic

Batras Clinic

More than 100 clinics in the world and leading as the top homoeopathic clinic in 47 countries, including Dubai, UK, and India, it’s the ideal franchise model to start. Primarily, it is popular for treating acne, hair treatments, asthma, allergies, and many more diseases. It is connected with more than 1.5 million patients worldwide and emerged as the fastest-growing healthcare and diagnosis company. 

Dr. Batra’s Clinic recommends the franchise to those who have a 500 sq ft. area and can invest 25-30 lakhs. It’s the world’s reliable brand prominently working in 5 countries, and it would be the best business franchise to gain high profit. 

  • Area required for Batra’s Clinic franchise business: Minimum area of 300 square feet.
  • Total investment for Batra’s Clinic franchise business:  25-30 lakhs. 

10. First Cry

First Cry

First Cry is a leading brand that provides qualitative kids’ clothes and accessories. It’s a global name trusted by people over other kids’ brands as no one can compromise with baby’s products. It offers more than 2Lakhs kids products having 5800+ brands under a roof and has more than 400 stores in India. 

If you are looking to start a franchise business, it would be beneficial as you just need to spend 20 lakhs with 1000Sq Ft area. It comes in the top 10 franchises in India because of its quality products and excellent customer service. 

  • Area required for First Cry franchise business: Minimum 1000 sq ft.
  • Total investment for First Cry franchise business: 20-30 lakh

11. Subway


Subway is a dominant brand in the food and beverage industry, highly recognized for its incredible taste and robust customer service. It’s an American brand founded in 1974, and initially, it deals with submarine sandwiches, beverages, and salads and now expands its branch in more than 102 countries. 

You can also be a part of this world’s leading brand by just investing 25 lakhs and an area of 300 sq ft. In India, it’s a strong competitor of Pizza hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and many more international brands. So, earn abundantly by taking the franchise of Subway. 

  • Area required for Subway franchise business: 170-350 sq ft.
  • Total investment for Subway franchise business: 25-30 lakh
  • Subway Franchise Fee: Approximately 4.5 Lakhs and Royalty Fees and Advertising cost: 8% to 4.5% respectively of Net Sales.

12. Lenskart


Lenskart emerged in India with a rapid speed, and now it has spread its web in more than 1000 cities and towns. This company offers a wide range of optical lenses, frames, sunglasses, and eyeglasses at a very reasonable price. It was founded in 2010 and rapidly gained a secure place in the market. 

It’s easy to take the franchise business of Lenskart; it seeks a minimum startup cost of 30 lakhs with a 300 Sq Ft area. It also demands a brand fee of 2,00,000. Plus, it provides great opportunities and programs for women to start Lenskart franchise business. 

  • Area required for Lenskart franchise business: 300-500 square feet
  • Total investment for Lenskart franchise business: 25-30 lakh

13. Bikanervala – Most Profitable Franchise


Bikanervala is a familiar name in Indian families, and it was established in 1950 in Rajasthan. This brand is widely known for the tempting taste of sweets, snacks, cookies, and many more. It became a top business franchise in India as well as in other countries with a chain of more than 200 outlets in the world. 

To start a business franchise of Bikanervala, you should have a space of 1200-2000 sq ft and need a minimum investment of 12 lakhs, excluding various factors such as electricity bill, franchise cost and many more. Overall it requires 1-5 crore of total investment. It’s a profitable business platform as it already has a group of trusted customers who rely on its products’ quality. 

  • Area required for Bikanervala franchise business: 1200-2000 sq ft
  • Total investment for Bikanervala franchise business: 1-5 crore

14. Khadims Franchise

Khadims Franchise

It’s another top indigenous brand established in 1981. With more than 480 outlets in India, it ranks on the top of footwear brands. It majorly sells footwear at a wholesale rate, and if you are looking to start a franchise business, it’s the best franchise business in India to start and earn more. 

To start the franchise business of Khadim’s, it’s essential to have a budget of more than 20 lakhs and an area of 500-700 sq ft. Plus, it demands a 2 lakh security charge that is refundable. So, it would be a great platform to start a franchise business. 

  • Area required for Khadims franchise business: 500-1000 sq ft.
  • Total investment for Khadims franchise business: 20-30 lakh 

15. LakmeProfitable Franchise


Lakme is a leading name in beauty products and the best franchise in India. It was started in 1952 and expanded its growth by providing quality cosmetic products at a very minimal price. This brand is associated with Hindustan Unilever and active in more than 75 countries. You can start the business franchise of Lakme by selling cosmetics or opening a salon; presently, it has more than 150 stores in India and ranks as the top beauty products provider.  

If you are interested in the Lakme franchise, you need to invest a minimum of 25 lakhs and an area of 500 Sq Ft. Plus, the training and beautification are also provided by the company that makes you earn more in a span of time. 

  • Area required for Lakme franchise business: 500-1000 sq ft. 
  • Total investment for Lakme franchise business: 25 lakh

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Franchise business Advantages & Disadvantages

Franchise business Advantages

  • It’s an established business, so you can easily start and manage it. 
  • There’s a high chance of success and no risk like other businesses. 
  • Great business type for startups. 
  • It can be started with a minimal operating cost. 
  • Training and technicality to run a business are provided by the parent company. 

Franchise business Disadvantages

  • There’s no autonomy as the parent company leads the business. 
  • Terms and conditions of the company bound your independence. 
  • You have to divide the profit share with the parent company. 
  • Lack of creativity as you have to follow the guidelines and you can’t add or remove anything. 

Final Thoughts

Starting a franchise business is a great way to earn more as most parent companies have well-settled names in the whole world that prevent you from extra efforts and save your time. However, there are several things that you should consider before choosing a business franchise, such as location, market demand, investment, and your interest to gain high profit in the business. 

Moreover, it isn’t easy to choose the best franchise in India as you can get a wide range of options to start, but it’s crucial to evaluate your budget and the company’s terms and conditions to find a suitable one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a franchise business? 

The franchise is a type of business model in which a person and organization sell the products and services by using the name of a well-reputed company. It’s a kind of partnership bound with some terms and conditions that make a person and organization earn.

What are the things that I should consider to find the best franchise in India? 

A franchise business is a great way to earn efficiently with low business risk. Before associating with a company and taking its franchise, find out its experience and base of customers, what are the things that they demand, evaluate the franchise cost, and compare the different franchises to find the best. 

Why should I choose a franchise business rather than starting my own company?

It’s a good question. Starting a business is full of risk, and no one wants to take the risk. Franchise businesses prevent you from risk factors and make you earn more in a short time by eliminating the marketing and advertising costs. Plus, it already has a base of customers who rely on the brand. All these things are not possible in starting your own company; thus, it’s a beneficial idea to own the best franchise in India. 

What questions should I ask a franchise owner? 

It’s crucial to ask some questions before buying a business franchise, and it’s the following that you should ask before taking a franchisee of the company:

– What are the things that you require to provide as a franchise? 
– How much do I have to invest at the initial level? 
– What’s your business franchise policy? 
– Do you offer any kind of financial assistance?