How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon?

How to use apple pay on amazon

Apple Pay is one of the most recent and innovative ways to pay with your phone, as it enables mobile payments at many of the world’s most popular retailers. But Does Amazon accept Apple Pay?

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a global e-commerce retailer – they sell pretty much anything, from electronics to apparel to grocery items – and one of the best things about Amazon is their constant discounting on products.

Through various segments including Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Go, Amazon Books, and more, Amazon has been able to diversify its business into other verticals as well. So it’s not just about e-commerce anymore, Amazon is also trying to revolutionize other aspects of our lives too.

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

No, Amazon doesn’t accept Apple Pay. However, you can use an Apple card or any other card along with the payment options by Amazon to make purchases. But Amazon accepts Apple Card. Let’s see below how you can use an Apple card on Amazon.

How to Use an Apple Card on Amazon?

You will have to follow really easy steps to use Apple Card on Amazon:

  • Step 1: Login to your Amazon account.
  • Step 2: See your name on top and then click ‘Account & Lists,’ and select ‘Your Account’ from the dropdown list. 
  • Step 3: On ‘Your Account’ Page, tap on “Payment Options”. You will have this option under the list of “Ordering and Shopping preferences”.
  • Step 4: Now, scroll down and click on an option of “Credit and Debit Cards”.
  • Step 5: Add your ‘Apple Card,’ and save it. 

Note: You can use the same process at the time of checkout also. While checking out, if you have saved any of your cards, you will see them in the entry box. And if you want to add a new card, then choose ‘Change,’ and add your card and complete your purchase. 

Why Does Amazon Not Accept Apple Pay?

One of the main reasons Amazon doesn’t accept Apple Pay is that their platform is completely online/digital. And Apple Pay is more usable for in-person/offline shopping. Moreover, Amazon is not getting affected by this as it accepts all the major payment methods on its website. 

They do not even have any plans to accept Apple Pay as their payment method in the near future also. Also, they accept Apple Cards if any person wants to pay with. 

Other Payment Options Accepted by Amazon

Amazon accepts all the major payment methods on its website and app. It includes all the major cards including (visa, master, Amex, Discover), Amazon Store Card, Amazon Secured Card, Diner’s Club, JCB, cash, and much more.