Andrew Tate Boxing Record

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate is a British-American kickboxer and internet celebrity who was born on December 14, 1986.

Tate had a good career in kickboxing and afterwards garnered internet celebrity for his treatment of women and his statements on sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Andrew is half-American (via his father) and half-British (on his mothers side).

Andrew Tate was a Big Brother 17 houseguest (UK). Before entering the competition, he was an accomplished Mixed Martial Artist.

Andrew, a formidable strategist, entered the game with an excellent plan. He was discovered to be a “Other Roommate” who lacked housemate status and was required to gain it.

The public voted for him to temporarily relocate into the main house as part of a hidden challenge, still as an additional roommate alongside Ryan Ruckledge.

Unfortunately, his strategy backfired, and as soon as he and Ryan entered the main house, they began to dispute with the roommates over their double-dealing. 

After pornographic footage of him flogging a lady was revealed, he was removed from the house amid controversy. After he was removed, it was revealed that the lady in the video had consented to the video

Andrew Tate Boxing Record

2020-02-10Mirlem AhmetidebutWon
2014-03-15Cyril Vetter110Won
2013-03-09Vincent Petitjean2-10Won
2012-05-12Sahak Parparyan210Lose
2011-11-12Vincent Petitjean1-00Lose
2011-06-05Jean Luc Benoit200Won
2011-03-19Jean Luc Benoit100Lose
Source: *Data may be incomplete/inaccurate 

Andrew Tate was supposedly engaged in television advertising sales in 2009, but had been practicing boxing and martial arts on the side since 2005.

In that year, Andrew Tate won the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight title in Derby, England, and was rated first in Europe in his weight class.

Despite having won 17 of his 19 bouts, he said that this was his first belt and championship. 

In a 12-round bout in 2013, Andrew Tate won his second ISKA world championship. Andrew Tate won his second world championship in two separate weight classes.

The battle took place at Chateaurenard, France. Andrew Tate won through split decision the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight Championship. 

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Andrew Tate Biography

NicknameAndrew Tate
Full NameEmory Andrew Tate III
Date of Birth14th December, 1986
NationalityAmerican(via his father) , British(From his mother side)
Height185.42 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Weight89.81 kg
DivisionLight heavyweight
FatherEmory Tate
BrotherTristan Tate
SisterJanine Tate

Source: Wikipedia