How to Add Debit Card/Credit Card to

Add debit card credit card

Are you facing trouble in adding your credit or debit card to Or you are looking at how to add debit/credit cards to

This article will let you know about the step-by-step guide for adding your cards to the application.

Also, explain why credit cards declined? And what to do if the card is not working.

How to Add Debit Card/Credit Card to

Steps to add credit/debit cards to

Step 1: Open Application.

Step 2: Log in to the application With your credentials.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Trade.’

Step 4: Select the ‘Buy’ option and choose the cryptocurrency, let’s say coin

Step 5: Click on the “Add Credit or Debit card.

Step 6: Enter your Debit or Credit Card information.

Step 7: Tap on ‘Add Card’ to submit.

Your Debit card or credit card will be successfully added to

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Your credit or debit card may be declined due to many reasons, as mentioned below.

1. International Payments Are Not Activated

Consult your bank or call customer support to activate international online payment in your debit/credit card.

2. Make Sure Your Card is 3D Secure allows linking only highly secured cards with their website to make the platform safe. While many banks across the world still have security breaches in their credit/debit cards vulnerable to hackers. So, you make sure the card you are adding to is 3d secure.

3. Declined by Issuer

If your card is declined with a popup message “Declined by user” on the screen when you link your credit/debit cards with In this scenario, What you can do is-

  1. Try with a different tab on your laptop or smartphone.
  2. Wait for some time and try again
  3. Contact your bank and flag the issue Card Not Working

Suppose your visa card is not working or damaged. You can contact the support team through the website or app chat support or email your concern at

You can get a fully secured new card with a chip and magnetic strip. Your card will be delivered successfully within 7-14 days (only if you are an American resident). 

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Can You Use a Credit Card on

Yes! You can use a credit card or Debit card on facilitates its users to add their credit cards for further transactions. 

To Sum Up

Link your credit/debit card to by following the above-given steps. Ensure your card supports international online payments; if not, contact your branch to activate it.