How To Activate Phonepe Wallet?

activate phonepe wallet

PhonePe is a famous smartphone wallet and digital payment gateway that allows you to conduct rapid money transactions using BHIM UPI, credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets. As a Phonepe customer, if you are questioning how to enable a wallet in Phonepe, follow the instructions outlined below.

Steps for Activating PhonePe Wallet:

Step 1: To activate the PhonePe wallet, firstly, you have to create a PhonePe account. Then, download the application from the google store.

Step 2: After downloading the application, set up your account by entering your number following an OTP.

Step 3: Select your bank account to connect, and the app will immediately get the information and verify your banking information. 

Step 4: Now, choose to set the UPI PIN option to enter your UPI PIN. Next, insert your card information (the last six characters of the debit/ATM card number, as well as the expiration date).

Step 5: After creating your account, open the application on the first screen and click on “PhonePe Wallet.”

Step 6: Now, enter how much you want to top up your wallet. Then click on “Proceed to Top Up.

Step 7: Voila! The PhonePe wallet activation will now be successful.

E-Wallet is a service available only to individuals who have signed and created profiles in any online payment source.

E-Wallets enable you to keep multiple credit card and bank account details in a safe environment, eliminating the need to input bank details while making a payment.

When you have registered and established E-Wallet accounts, you will be able to make payments more quickly and with much less effort. E-Wallets help store several credit cards, debit cards, and bank account details to make fast and easy payments.

You may have up to ten unique profiles for card transactions, as well as up to 10 different accounts for checking and savings accounts.


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