Why BeReal Keeps Deleting My Post?

If you’re using the BeReal app and you’ve noticed that your BeReal keep getting deleted, you may be wondering what’s going on.

BeReal is an amazing app that has become a popular platform for people to express their true self.

You can take a picture of yourself in your natural element there and post it.

However, you might be facing the problem where your BeReal keeps deleting.

In this guide we will be giving you all the information for you to understand why your BeReal is getting deleted and what you can do to recover them.

Why BeReal Keeps Deleting My Post?

There can be only two issues why your BeReal keeps deleting itself or why you can not post BeReal. 

  • Your internet is having some problems.
  • The BeReal server is down for the time being.

BeReal is an online application so when you are not getting a stable connection your app will be having problems to function properly.

BeReal being an online app will also have issues if the server if BeReal is down for that time.

Below are some solutions that you can try to stop this issue from ariding.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

As already discussed above, BeReal is an online app that needs a strong and stable internet connection to function properly.

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If your internet connection is not stable then yourBeReal will get deleted without getting posted.

The app itself might cause problems as it will not be able to execute proper functions.

You should check with your local service provider in that case and solve this issue.

2. Check BeReal Server

BeReal being an online application has a server that maintains the apps all over the world but sometimes it happens that the server itself is having problems and in that case your app will not be able to function properly.

This might cause your BeReal to get deleted from your account.

3. Logout And Login To Your BeReal App

You can also try to log out of your BeReal account and then again login to check if that helps with the issue.

Sometimes while using the app your account may be facing some problems from bugs or glitches, when you log out and then again log in, it resolves the bug issue.

4. Clear Your Cache Of BeReal

Another reason why your BeReal refuses to function properly may be because of the excessive Cache it has in your device.

As the apps run on our device they accumulate junk and temporary files called cache.

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It can also accumulate corrupted files in there which stops it from functioning properly and causes several problems with deleting your BeReal.

In that case you can just delete the Cache by going to Settings >> then Apps >> Next, BeReal >> And then delete the Cache.

5. Uninstall And Reinstall BeReal App

As an alternative solution you can also try to uninstall the BeReal app from your device and then reinstall it again.

This might solve the issue of your BeReal getting deleted.

How To Recover A Deleted BeReal?

You can not recover a deleted BeReal post as when you delete a BeReal it gets erased from the system itself.

When you do not delete your BeReal post then it will be saved in your Memories but if you delete the BeReal post itself then it will not even be saved in Memories and you will never be able to see it again.

So, before deleting your BeReal post you should save it in some other location to remain on the safe side.

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