What Is Yaper? How To Earn Money Through Yaper?


Nowadays, debit and credit cards are high in use for making online transactions and there are a variety of applications that are helping them to ease their luxurious life.

Most of us are only aware of one use of our debit and credit cards, that is to pay for the items that you shop whether you have money or not in the account. However, the amount will automatically get deducted from the account.

But do you know, we can also earn money using our debit and credit cards? Yes, there’s an app called Yaper that facilitates an amazing feature of earning. 

Let’s get everything about Yaper in this post! 

What is Yaper? 

Yaper is an excellent platform to shop and earn. It has introduced an amazing concept through which people can earn an exclusive amount of money.

A person having a debit and credit card can use this platform as well as a person who wants to shop with a lower price without a debit or credit card can also use this. 

How Yaper Works? 

Yaper allows people to make an ID on the app and while making an account you will get two options: one is to Shop and the other is Earn.

If you want to Earn by allowing others to shop by using your card, select Earn otherwise you can select Shop in which you can shop by using your debit or credit card for yourself. 

After creating an id on Yaper you will get a product list on your screen in which you can clearly see the offers and discounts.

The discounts can be varied depending upon the products and your card. By making a purchase you will receive the respective amount in your account. 

If you want to buy for others, simply put the product link on the ecommerce platform and pay for the product.

Yaper will show the discounted price on the product and once the product gets delivered, you will get the spended money and the additional commission amount in your bank account. 

How To Earn Money Through Yaper? 

Yaper introduced an excellent concept of earning. By making an account on Yaper using your debit and credit card, you can make an excellent amount of money. 

By opening your account on Yaper, you will see recent deals on your screen; however, the deals and discounts can be different every time. After selecting the respective deal on your screen and paying for the item, you will receive an amount that has shown for the respective product. 

After the successful delivery of the product, you will receive the amount in your bank account. However, it can take approximately 3 working days to complete the process. 

How Much You Can Earn Using Yaper? 

One can earn a fruitful amount by using the Yaper app. The amount you can earn depends upon the limit of your debit or credit card or the amount you have in the card. 

Comfortably, you can earn around 130 dollars a month. However, your earning directly depends upon the capacity of your debit/credit card. 

Yaper Customer Support

Yaper is always available to help their customers and it has a robust customer care service. 

If you face any kind of problem while using Yaper, simply send a mail to their customer support email ID that is wecare@yaper.co. Additionally, brief your problem by adding your name, mobile number and problem’s screenshot (if possible). After receiving your mail, the customer care executive will resolve your issue within 2 business days. 

Moreover, you can also reach customer support by using the Yaper app. In the menu section you can see options of customer support/Help/Chat/contact us button. Simply make a click and ask them for help. 

Is Yaper Trusted? 

Absolutely yes as Yaper is used by plenty of people and it successfully attains a trusted place in the market. So, with no doubts, it’s right to say that Yaper is a trusted platform to shop and earn. 

Is Yaper Safe and Legal? 

Yaper is completely safe to use. You can find Yaper on playstore with a good rating that apparently shows that it’s a safe and legal app.

However, this app has low ratings on google but that are related with its performance, not with its safety. So, Yaper is completely safe and legal. 

However, it’s the major responsibility to check and evaluate the app before using or adding your credit and debit card into it. And, it’s great to check the safety and legality of Yaper before use.