What Is BeReal App & How Does BeReal Work?


One new application, BeReal has been launched in the market, and GenZ is seen quite fascinated by it.

BeReal is a photograph application where you have to send your pictures and Everyday at a random time, everyone has to capture a Photo in 2 minutes.

Most people are fascinated by this application because of its unique concept of showcasing the unique personality of every individual, and it helps users to share their unfiltered life with other people.

What Is BeReal App?

BeReal app is the latest platform for sharing photographs without any filters and effects. The basic principle of the BeReal app is to showcase your real self to the world without any fear.

On BeReal platform, users are required to post pictures of whatever they are doing in a window of 2 minutes.

With this amazing concept, BeReal has gained great significance in the lives of youngsters today. The BeReal photo-sharing app is loved by adults, working professionals, and many other groups to interact with their social media connections. 

The biggest strength of BeReal application that makes it different from others is that all the photographs and other content are real or unfiltered here. You can connect with your social media connections and share your real life with them.

BeReal ensures that your actual identity is noticed by your friends and connections and not just your perfect filtered skin. You can either keep sending the photographs directly to your friends or make your account public in order to provide access to your unfiltered self to everyone. This choice is yours.

How Does Bereal Work?

BeReal works on spontaneous and sudden photographs. Simply put, BeReal will not give you time to prepare your photographs to make your skin or surroundings picture perfect.

The application sends a prompt message on your device, and within the next two minutes, the application will click a photo of your face as well as your surroundings with the help of the front and rear camera, respectively. The timing of the prompt message is also spontaneous.

By spontaneity here, it means that there is no fixed time Or time gap, after which the BeReal app will show up this prompt and click your photograph. Since the timing of this prompt is not fixed, you can not get enough time Or a chance to clear your messy office table or beautify your face at night. 

Yes, you can get the prompt during the day as well as at night. However, you’ve got two minutes to get clicked and pose if you can!

But don’t worry. The app allows you to retake a photograph in case you do not like or approve of the first one. 

There is a catch, though! Your friends will be notified how many times you clicked the photograph before actually uploading it on the BeReal app. Therefore you must ensure that you do not make many attempts to click a photograph.

Another important feature of BeReal is that you can send reactions to your friend’s post In the form of real-time emojis called realmojies.

Using this feature, you can send emoji customized with your face and reactions such as thumbs up, smiling face, laughing emoji, and many more just by clicking your photograph and adding it as RealMoji.

You can also find reactions of other friends and connections on a certain course at the bottom in the form of realmoji.

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Is Bereal App Safe?

Yes, BeReal is a safe app to use for different age groups. Although there are some concerns attached to this application and its operation, All in all, this app is safe and can be used by anyone. 

Since the BeReal application does not allow you to send or receive messages from your contacts, it eliminates harmful factors or unsafe communication risks from its working.

Also, BeReal does not have any particular profiles or followers who can interact with you, enhance relieving you from any errors or insecurities from a safety point of view.

 However, since the application is designed for 13 years and above, it must be used responsibly, and your account must be restricted to your contacts in friends only.

The application alerts your connections and friends that you will be posting your photographs late during your work or school time. One of the main concerns from the security point of view is while Sending your candid photographs.

You must Be unaware of providing your location and whereabouts to your friends and connections, which can be a little concerning.

BeReal does not offer any parental control or privacy features that may restrict certain accounts from accessing your candid photographs, which may be considered risky.

Does Bereal Show Your Location?

Yes, BeReal Shows your location whenever you turn on this setting on your account. BeReal does Not show your location on your photographs by default, but you can turn on the setting for your account and send your current location along with your candid photographs on your app.

You can add your current location to your BeReal account by manual method. However, make sure that you show your location only when you are comfortable and know the viewers To keep your identity and location safe and secure.

How To Find People On BeReal?

After creating an account on BeReal, the app will ask you to provide access to your contacts. Once the app has access to your contact list, it will display all the available users. From the current list, you can easily add the friends you want to add on BeReal. 

However, in case none of your friends are using the BeReal app, you can deny the access given to the app of your contact list by tapping on the don’t allow option.

In case you have a username or contact number of any of your friends who are using the BeReal app, you can add them directly to your contact list, and they will be available to be added as your friend on your BeReal account.

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Who Owns Bereal App?

BeRealApp is owned by Alexis Barreyat.  BeReal was initiated in the 2020 Joint effort of two Co-founders, i.e., Alexis Barreyat and Kévin Perreau.

BeReal application was founded by two French-based founders who worked as co-founders for the development of the company.

Right now, BeReal has 3 main executives where the 2 Co-founders are working with the chief operating officer or CEO of the company i.e., Romain Salzman.


 BeReal is one of the leading social media platforms used by the young generation for posting candid pictures and showcasing their unfiltered and unedited life to their friends and family.

The application has gained popularity amongst teenagers and youngsters with a unique idea of appreciating the real-looking life over the one with effects and filters.