What are Duplicate Checks?

Knowing duplicate checks is essential if you want to nail your banking skills. This blog takes you through what duplicate checks are, how they work and the advantages and disadvantages of having them.

What are Duplicate Checks

If you’re looking for a method to keep a track of all the checks you right then duplicate check is something that makes this task easier for you. There’s a thin paper sheet that helps you record the checks you made. This is a great method to be used when you are intending to have a record of your checks and need all the information on the copy that you put into the real check. Here’s an insight into what duplicate checks are, how you can make use of them, and how they can be advantageous to you.

What is Duplicate Check?

A duplicate check is a type of checkbook that has a sheet of paper beneath those that helps you to track the checks you make. Every time you make a check, the thin sheet of paper records the check and thus keeps a copy of the check you made. The copies of checks called the “Duplicate” thus become the record of the checks you make.

Duplicate checks make it easier for you to remember and track your checks. It can be used to know when you have made which check and it includes what amount and also the people you have made these checks for. Not just this but it includes every single bit of information that you’ve written on the check thus missing nothing, even the phone number. But usually, the signature is blocked to prevent any duplication of signature in case your checkbook gets stolen or lost.

Single Checks 

Single checks are a single variety of checks with no extra set of copies attached. Unlike duplicate checks, Single checks do not have any evidence or proof if they are lost. You do not have to make an impression while writing single checks.

Single Vs Duplicate Checks 

Single Checks Duplicate Checks
A single sheet of checks. Two check papers are there. One check as a true check and the other as a carbon copy.
It costs less. It costs more.
Lightweight & convenient checkbook.  A bit heavier than that of single checks. 
Less secure as no proof is present after issuing a check. More secure than single checks. A secondary check is a proof after issuing the check.
They require less pressure while writing. Requires more pressure while writing the duplicate check.

How Duplicate Checks Work?

The duplicate checkbook is similar to the normal checkbook and has the same dimensions. In a duplicate check, there is a thin sheet of paper beneath the check you write. This thin sheet of paper is the thing that acts as a carbon copy of the check that you made. It also has the same check number written on it for reference purposes.

When the check is made with a pen, the pressure from the pen transfers all the information on your check to the one beneath it. Thus, making a copy for your reference.

After making the required check, you simply tear out the check you made and the duplicate remains in the book acting as a reference of the made check.

In this way, all the information from the check you made gets recorded on the duplicate.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Duplicate Checks

Advantages of Duplicate Checks

  • Easy to Use

The duplicate checks serve as an easy option to record your checks in case you like or require to keep a copy of your check. If you have the requirement of having a copy of the checks you write and have to know all about the check then a duplicate check is an easy option for this to be done. Duplicate checks easily record the check you make without you having to do anything twice or separately. As just writing once makes the duplicate also to be formed, these duplicate checks become an easy method to keep a record of checks.

  • You Can Include as Much Information

It is you who has complete control over the duplicates that you make. You can include as much or as little information into the check.

  • You Can Keep the Record the Way You Want

Again, as you are the maker of these records thus you can keep these records wherever and for however long you want.

  • The Records are Offline

So, the best thing about a duplicate check can be that the records are offline, this is easy to access whenever. Even if you are in a condition where you might not have Internet connectivity, the duplicate checks can be accessed.

  • Record are Neat and In Order

The duplicate check makes the copy of your checks in the same order you make them and also remains bound in the book in an orderly manner.

Disadvantages of Duplicate Checks

  • Security Risk

A duplicate has lots of information about you in case you lose it or it gets stolen then it can be a risk to your privacy. This information includes the important information of your bank and how much you spend and all such information that you won’t want everyone to know

  • More Expensive

A duplicate check might cost you more than a normal checkbook. The costs would depend and change from bank to bank, you can contact them to know how much it might cost for you.

  • An Uncommon Method

Checks nowadays are becoming very uncommon as there are more transactions and payments made by the electronic or online method than the physical checks. Thus, is it useless to pay for a duplicate checkbook if you’re not even going to use it?

  • They Cost More than Normal Checks

Duplicate checks can cost you more than your normal checks. A single box of duplicate checks would cost you more than a box of normal checks. Also, most duplicate checks have lesser checks per box as compared to a normal checkbook.

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How to get Duplicate Checks?

Duplicate checks come in many different types and styles. Most check designs can be ordered as single checks or as duplicate checks.

The duplicate check can be found using a bank’s check catalog. This check catalog can be found on the bank branch or the bank website. The catalog can be used to view and purchase the duplicate check for your account.

Most of the time, much of the information of a cheque can be accessed online and you can have an online record of it but a physical duplicate check might be preferred by some in case they are looking for a hard copy of the checks they make. 

Final Thoughts – Key Takeaway Points

Thus, a duplicate check can be of use when you want a copy of your check made without putting in much effort. If you wish to have a record of all the checks you make in the physical form available to you all the time apart from any online information, then a duplicate check is the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Duplicate Checks?

They are thin cheques on which the information written on the actual cheque placed ahead of it, is printed. 

Why are duplicate checks necessary?

They help keep track of your business transactions. 

Where can we buy a duplicate checkbook?

Contact your bank branch for more information. 

Are duplicate checks legal?

Yes, but it is recommended to keep it confidential. 

Are duplicate checks expensive?

Compared to single checks, mostly yes. 

Can you Repeat Check Numbers?

No, Because you will get a full cheque book from bank and in that cheque book all cheque numbers will be unique and once a cheque is used that can not used again.