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welcome to instagram

Several users have reported the issue of “Welcome to Instagram” error message first time as of May 2022.

The welcome screen has left the users perplexed as they have been using Instagram for years.

Generally, when you make a fresh Instagram account, then you encounter the message “Welcome to Instagram”.

In this case, you don’t have any uploads in your feed and your account doesn’t have any followings either, this is why you are not shown anything in your feed.

But when you are not new to Instagram and still receive the welcome message, then it can be due to some technical glitch or a bug.

This article deals with the meaning of welcome error, causes for its occurrence as well as a number of working fixes for resolving the ‘Welcome to Instagram’ error.

What Does “Welcome To Instagram” Mean?

Welcome to Instagram occurs on the screen when a new user sign in to the application.

Sometimes people log out of their Instagram accounts by their own will, but many times this happens due to some technical error also.

But what if you login to your Instagram account and Instagram begins to treat you as a new user. 

When you do not follow anyone on Instagram, then your news feed does not contain any posted content.

This generally happens when you are new to Instagram and therefore you also receive the “Welcome to Instagram” message.

But recently, tons of people on Instagram faced this erroneous welcome screen in spite of being an old user and even after being a follower of several other Instagram users. 

Several application users were incapable of refreshing the home screens of their Instagram accounts and when they attempted doing so they encountered the “Welcome to Instagram” error message on their screens. 

They were either shown only the several weeks old posts or no posts at all.

If you are really new, then you can send follow requests to follow people to get to see their posts in your news feed, otherwise you can read this article further to know about the causes and fixes for this Instagram issue.

Why Instagram Showing Welcome To Instagram?

Instagram displays the error screen phrase “Welcome to Instagram” mostly when the service is going through regional or international outages, which can be as a result of some major or minor technological bugs or glitches.

This problem arises primarily because of the server error on the platform’s side. If the application is not having its server up, then users can experience problems similar to the “Welcome to Instagram” issue and can also face other problems related to the loading of the account.

On 26 May, Instagram users noticed such issues with their accounts after 12:30 pm EDT. They started to express their frustrations on other social media platforms regarding the issue. 

Recurrent International outages of the Instagram app, were also indicated by the downdetector. All this caused trouble to the people who wanted to access their Instagram accounts.

How To Fix “Welcome To Instagram”?

Fix 1: Check Instagram Up Or Not

First of all you need to check if the server of Instagram is not down. If it is down then you cannot do anything except waiting for it to get up again.

There are numerous ways which you can pursue to check the status of Instagram application server. We are providing you with two such ways.

Steps to check Instagram server status:

  • First of all, head to the
  • Choose the globe icon and then choose “US”. We prefer using the US version as it offers accuracy.
  • After this, find the Instagram app.
  • Check the graph for outages of Instagram in the previous 24 hrs.
  • Instagram can be considered down if the graph depicts a huge spike.

Alternatively, you can take help from twitter by searching for “Instagram down” on the platform, to know if it is up or down.

You can also check for the “latest” or “top” tweets by other users of the Instagram app in case they have posted tweets related to the issue. 

For checking the related tweets, you need to look for the same error message that is being displayed on your mobile app’s screen, while attempting to refresh the account’s feed.

If you find that the Instagram server is down, then this is a global issue and you cannot do anything on your own to fix it. 

All you have to do in this case is to wait patiently for some time to receive positive news about the problem elimination. You can make a search on google to get the latest updates about the issue.

In case Instagram service is up and you are still receiving the error message, then some temporary bugs or software glitches may be the reason for it.

Fix 2: Start Following Peoples On Instagram

You could see the “Welcome to Instagram” message if you’re a new user of Instagram

You won’t see any posts in your feed if you don’t follow anybody on Instagram.

Instead, a “Welcome to Instagram” message will appear, inviting you to follow others.

To get rid of the message, you must follow some peoples.

After following a few peoples, scroll down to your feed to update it.

You will start viewing posts from individuals you follow once your feed has been updated.

Also, Now you will not get “Welcome to Instagram” message.

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We all know that the popular Instagram platform has been used by around 1.21 billion monthly active users.

As this is a mobile application, then bugs and technical glitches should be considered as normal issues happening over it.

Meta’s Instagram also provides its users with an active Instagram help center, which can be accessed through the mobile app easily, and where the users can freely express their concerns and issues regarding the app for a quick solution.