How To See Profile Views On Instagram

see profile views instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites these days, with over a billion monthly active users checking in every day to see what their friends, family, and favourite celebrities have posted.

Many people use Instagram as a way to make money by getting a large number of followers and collaborating with high-end brands. ‘As the platform grows in popularity, people are shifting their focus toward building their own audience. 

If you’re a frequent Instagram user with a public profile, you’re probably curious about how many viewers are on your profile.

Along with its exclusive features, Instagram is also used to track and monitor what our friends and family are posting and how they are leading their lives.

We all have followers who keep tabs on us, or should I say “stalk” us. To check your profile views on Instagram you can refer to the steps given below in this article. 

Can See Profile Views On Instagram?

No, you can not see profile views on Instgaram. Instgaram does not have functionality to see profile views on Instgaram.

There are some apps that claim that you can see the profile views . however, it is not safe.

We dont recommend any third party app if they claim that you can views profile views on Instgaram.

How To Turn On Analytics On Instagram?

Steps To Turn On Analytics On Instagram:

Step 1. Open Instagram and open your profile.  To open your profile, look in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2.  Tap ☰ on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3.  As the next step, click on “settings” on your app.

Step 4. Under settings, go to “account” to change your account settings

Step 5. Click on “switch to business account” or switch to professional account”

Step 6. Based on which choice is most convenient for you, you can select an account type that most closely meets your needs.

Step 7. To continue, hit Next after you’ve selected either Creator or Business.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

Although you cannot check who has visited the Instagram profile directly, there are certain apps that you can try.

Until or unless doesn’t like or comments on the posts o watches your story, you can not tell if someone has visited your profile.

Moreover, you may come across different websites which claim that they can let you know who has visited the profile, but there are fewer chances that they work.

Can Someone See How Many Times You Viewed Their Instagram Profile?

Users on Instagram are unable to view who has checked their profile on Instagram.

So, if you glance into somebody’s profile and don’t really like or comment on a post, they have no idea who is looking at their images. 

How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile The Most?

Although you cannot see who has watched your profile the most, you can check who has visited it the most on the basis of region, gender, and age group. 

Follow the following steps to know which section has viewed your profile the most:

Step 1. Open Instagram and open your profile.  To open your profile, look in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2.  Tap ☰ on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3. Go to “insights” to check 

You can now see different sections based on region, age group, and gender. You can examine who has viewed your profile the most from whatever location, age range, or gender in these sections.

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If You Search For Someone On Instagram Will They Know?

No, if you search for someone on Instagram they will not know. Users on Instagram are unable to check who has visited their profile.

So, in case you have checked someone’s profile and didn’t comment or like any post, they have no means of knowing who is looking at their photos. 


Instagram is an excellent platform for building a following. It also allows users to track their Instagram progress by checking their profile views.

Checking their views on their profile can be challenging for many individuals.

This article contains all of the instructions on how to check views on their Instagram profile, as well as the most often asked questions about checking views on Instagram.